Black Wall Street and Black Economics

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To touch on how to establish a community in today’s black society I go back to the black wall street Tulsa Oklahoma and the black economics of that time. Using them as an example of what we could do today to establish black economic empowerment and how the black wall street riot caused it to burn to the ground.( A lesson we’re not taught in school due to white supremacy ) Also, how we can start by simply choosing to make deposits into black owned banks.

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Renee Tate says:

Black people listen up! We can bring back Black Wall Street in every state! Bigger and better than ever. The chart for the DJIA shows that the stock market is getting ready to drop in 2018. When it does the price of silver now trading at below $20 will skyrocket. Because the stock market and precious metal move opposite each other. When silver skyrockets it will make millionaires out those who invest in silver now. Black people also too learn to trade stocks for profit not investment. Stop handing you money over to somebody else to invest in stocks for you because they will take the lion share of the profits. If you learn how to trade you can make at least 70% on your money a year when done the correct low risk way. If you learn to trade you don't have to be on a fixed income when you retire. Because you can trade stocks and make money till you die! even if you got a job now you want to keep. Now adays most online brokers have cell phone apps that let you trade directly from your cell phone. All the tools you need are available online for free. Stock charts, stock scanning tools, company's profile are all free online.

Steven Sure says:

This Black Wall Street video is better than most I've seen. Most of them
just talk about how whites killed us instead of how we can duplicate
what they did to become financially independent. The main purpose of
talking about them killing us should be to protect ourselves better than
the brothers and sister that live in those areas back then. I say less
talk and more action. I'm not one to give thumbs ups and sharing videos,
but I will with this one.

TravelingDiva2018 says:

Great video. We need to revive black wall street and this time, have a few local gun shops, so that this time we can protect our selves and our businesses.

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