Black Man And Woman Relationships Pt. 3/4~Shahrazad Ali

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Sis. Shahrazad Ali deals the uncut truth about the relationship status and the pitfalls between the Black man and the Black woman!



I disagree with her on Africans not liking us. I know and do business with Africans and I see them going to churches and mosque. I have never ever met Africans who do not like African Americans. Not even the ones I met in Africa

d green says:

I so needed to hear that. Impacted my life for ever.

manweller1 says:

This sister is so on point I love her to bits

Santana 34 says:

Is she the wife or the concubine?…..I thought that her marriage was not legally recognized because of the laws of the land.

Jeremiah Israel says:

Agreed. She's telling the truth. But it's way too late for We

waikick meug says:

ok i'm sorry i did'nt mean to be offensive at all, i knew for "colored" "black" "creole" "negritos" etc (and the worst of all "exotic") but not for this one jokes on american brothers don't exist in africa, the youth emulate them…what about jokes on africans on the american brothers side?

waikick meug says:

afro americans can go in any country in africa nobody gonna notice them as strangers or foreigners or try to ridiculize them as long as they don't act like white people going to safari… jokes on afro-american don't exist in africa, the youth emulate them…what about jokes on africans on the afro americans side? i don't try to divide i love all black people all over the world but i hate that upside down statement

waikick meug says:

"Yes, the ancient Jews, Israelites were Hebrew; and where from? Africa"
well said i'm tired of these brother trying to divide us but i got to tell you that african hating american is a real myth that really upsets me, africans didnt hate more afro americans than africans hate each other and afro americans didnt hate more african than afro american hate each other it's a black thing point blank

Koontah Kentay says:

we are not african we are hebrew

Eddie Gee says:

This woman is sharp… keep it up sister

Elder,Travis Newton says:

TRUE,all prasies due to ALLAH!!!!!!!!

Dreka Bryant says:

So true!!! Sis, @ spirit, food, silver, and gold.

qwertyou123456 says:

so right and so funny..i just asked…" are you eating the last apple #$%%"

Hollowpoint Reloaded says:

This women is on point!!!

Fa1c0 says:

I've read Sis Ali's books but this is my first time hearing her speak. Very cool.

Lee Mars says:

I think its waaaaaaaaayyy too late for the "sistahs" too understand what this Woman is saying

DRXCIX says:

It could not have been 2003-2004 because one of her statement was "…because Obama is president…" So it had to be after 2008, since he became president starting 1/2009. Also, since this was uploaded 1/2011, it had to be either 2009 or 2010.

Kenneth Lamb says:

@nickophonicnicky It was at a church in DC around 2003-04.

Kenneth Lamb says:

@nickophonicnicky look on youtube and find Shahrazad Ali and Dr.Francis-Cress Welsing on the documentary Hidden Colors!

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