Brother Panic: What If You Just Clear Your Mind of What You THINK You Know?

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Eris Azani says:

The magician by Philip Cooper … Is the book he was referring to.. I downloaded it to pdf and had to take a break from it, i realized i wasn't ready. Very powerful book

Gregory Bertrand says:

Dude is rough around the edges but he's spot on about a lot of things.

ocxy2011 says:

Challenge myself is the overall ✨Ase’

Albert Reeves says:

Everybody cluttered with history footsteps of man. Just get the info and move forward in the mind explore the mind it gives u more info that u wouldn't understand if it was written. Like he said he can show us the door but we got go thru it. I agree

ava skott says:

Book starts at $700 on amazon

Country Girl says:

someone posted an ugly bug in Panics FB grp it grossed me out so when I go to bed I keep seeing that creepy bug.. lol

darryl becton says:

Yooo that nigga who shared that magician book is the real OG of the century

Yahya Raz says:

Right on time! "CLEAR YOUR MIND OF THE BS"!!

Boniato Tamashii Of SPK says:

Word shout out to spirit for answering my questions

Cheryl Brown says:

Love me some Bro Po Panic!

Cheryl Brown says:

Precisely! My mind is clear of all the bull when I go to sleep and right before I fully wake. Once woke, well I have work to do. Live me some Panic!! Black 1st

Sekyia Namiko says:

The Magikican is actuallly $699.00

onliiine says:

shouts out to masterly foolish

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