Exposing Ray Hagins part 2: lying about Arius

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Ray Hagins continues to lie in people’s faces about the Council of Nicea. This time he’s deceiving about Arius, and the Arianism controversy. I take a look at a letter written by Arius himself which flat out proves him wrong.

Notice how EVERY SINGLE conspiracy theorist that makes these claims about the Council of Nicea, NEVER show any documents or evidence to back up their claims…

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Colyn Landry says:

You are trying to bash this brother for what. I hope you have a real degree and have done over 20 years of researching

Jazz Harris says:

Alexander was a Roman, who took over part of Egypt. That’s where the city of Alexandria comes from in Egypt.

Jazz Harris says:

Brother, it’s evident that you suffer from a brainwashing that most Christians suffer from. You believe in scriptures written by European men, not God. Nothing in your bible can be proven as facts, but you want to question the facts given by Ray Hagin. Smh, wake up my brother. If you truly research the council of Chalcedon, and the council of Nicea, you’ll see the creation of Jesus and the Catholic Church!

Demarkus Buckels says:

One more thing you must be white

Demarkus Buckels says:

Listen to what you just read you big dummy he said that since they won't agree with him that there was always a God and always a son they don't want to agree with him that there was always a God and always a son you big dummy

Berneak Etheridge says:

The point of the council of nicea was to put all religion under one King . He didn't say that Christianity was created at the council of nicea again they came up with the name Jesus at this meeting. You are a idiot

milstrick says:

Good video brother! These fools want that fake prophet Ray to be right so bad, they ignore the clear presentation and documents that show he is fake as they come. Black people want to be the underdog that have always been looked down on so bad that we turn a blind eye to anything that doesn’t contain the narrative of us fighting against powers that took something from us! The trees have been shaken and let those who have ears to hear, hear and those who have eyes to see, see!

Denny Smith says:


Mr. 420 Everyday says:

This is clearly about CRACKKKAS

Devon Clemmons says:

Just wanted 2 know what wuz 1st spirit or word,kemet or rome…..Ra or Jesus?The 1st people did have a Religion but they had a Spirit!!!!!Ase & Hotep…..

Madbossju STR8 says:

Look at this lunatic
Always another stupid black man trying to stand up for the lie and trying to discredit the truth Because you cannot use it to supplement the lie. Fuckin sellout.

kodonga1 says:

This video is absolute thrash! Waste of time watching it!

Michael Causey says:

U obviously don't know what your talking about…u r consistently proving his point!!!!! Christianity was long b4 Jesus and he covers this in another episode

Anu Enki says:

Waste of time and data brother yiu need to stop this and do your own thing this is beef and we dont do beef when it comes to waking people from the truth dont jesus this jesus that the raptilians are coming damn it

Anu Enki says:

This means i can do my video too exposing you for exposing Ray

Patrick L Washington, Writer says:

And his time line is wrong too

Patrick L Washington, Writer says:

The language is important

James Davis says:

Dear black people this white man calling ray a lie do not make him telling the truth, white people lie all the time

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