Prof. James Smalls supports ADOS ideology

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marwanmohd1 says:

Prof James Smalls is a Nigerian sellout, he doesn't represent Africa or Africans..ADOS is anti African immigrants xenophobic cult..this is coming from an Ethiopian immigrant

Big Worm28 says:

Good vid where can I find the full video

SleepyCCS says:

Bravo Prof Smalls. #ADOS

Rich Mc says:

Professor Smalls is 100% Correct!

Shelton #ADOS Henderson says:

A wise man!

Mi5ta Freeman says:

Upload the entire video, wtf.

Purple Glitter says:

He was right except about black wealth and ownership in this country. We don't have it because this country has disenfranchised us for centuries.


You really can not break it down no better than this. So if this offends you then there is nothing I can do with you. We will just have to be enemies. Not surprise Prof. Smalls gets it.

jedi1sgl says:

Where is the rest of this?

Daniel Jeffcoat says:

How can I get the whole interview?

Daniel Jeffcoat says:

Jesse Jackson was not the first person to call us Afrakan American, Bro. Malcolm X called us Afro American before Jesse Jackson. I am from the Afrakan American tribe. What make us special is that we are a conglomerate of different Afrakan tribes in our blood line. We are the trend setters.

Operation: EXODUS-Mississippi says:

Never really listened to this brother because he’s always featured as one of sa neter boys but I can concur with much he says

Dcwashington President says:

Spot on brother! Wow! Wow!Wow!#ADOS on CODE

Henry says:

I have been waiting on his ADOS public support.

Jesus Price says:

This FoolTuber named New Possibilities is supposed to be doing a hit piece on Dr. Claude Anderson like he did on Yvette Carnell.

He's dismissing anyone with the #ADOS ideology yet, he claims to be African American. Or, even moreso, a Pan-Aficanist refusing to realize that he is both in synch.

Im Hotep says:

Smalls has had those sentiments for decades, which is what I tried to share with Y Carnell, in explaining that there is no contradiction between being a pan afrikanist and ADOS.

Black Mariner says:

Volume is too low

Adam Brooks says:

Hey Chief X I thought you were warning people about Sa Neter? This is his guy! Lmao African American wtf,biggest lie ever told,trace your roots to Africa!

STAIR WAY - Steel Talk & Iron Responses says:

Grand Master Ba Ba Small!

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