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Ras Zacka Reyas says:

Muta means dead in amharic.baruka means bless

Daneth Mobley says:

Never heard of Nipsey Hussle until his death. He was a Visionary, intelligent articulate Man. Gone too soon. My GrandMother use to say, only the Good die young. May his soul rest in peace

Daneth Mobley says:

Give thanks real talk.
Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award.
keep teaching our People because knowledge is power

Jerry Mems says:

Muta big up real Rasta. If we follow this man teaching trust me we would be more knowledgeable of what is going on in our society.

Resa B says: if this Place was a place of the CREATOR ?? Why is it Burning on this time. Easter ?? it is to show that Easter is not Real … you all need to open your EYES and study , and you will find the truth .. it is written that BABLAN must BUNNN

ras says:

Bustamante bloodline should be wiped out of Jamaica

Revelations says:

Sebi=Buju=Muta=nipsey= all the same

Skbots Game says:

Buju was recognize for is contribution to reggae and spiritual connection with it,so American blacks want someone in America music culture to recognize the same,instead.nine of these black americans recognize buju for going thru what many had in the struggle of this drug epidemic,to learn how he keep his sanity 8 years which may can influence many who are still incarcerated.i maybe wrong ,but I see a little jealousy amongst our music culture artist.

Memphas Noble Ajahyi says:

Teach me teacha

kelvin robertson says:

Bigup Duke baysie

Bob Izes says:

Rastafari…Jah live/luv we the black people R the biggest laughing stock/boasty slave/falla fashin monkey neva drink good soup/bare flesh nyamming & bone cracking/sucking blood.. world cannibalism…fiyah bun devilz philosophy….give us the teachingz of His Majesty…Selah

Bob Izes says:

post traumatic slave syndrome…non but ourself can free our mind..divided by governmentz/agentz politricks & religion…nwo plan from Afreeka invasion..but we R intelligent in madernity & deny our heritage foundation…know thyself…Shalom..

Jocielyn Callum says:

Warrior warrior wi can't tarry ya

Jocielyn Callum says:

Every one is on chip

Zetegu Anderson. THE ZODIAK SHOW says:

Muta lives in the past

Sold out RASTAFARI like Mortimer Planno. He got a recognition award for his deeds from dutty government and sent his wife to get it because he knew the Rastas would bun him up. Then I saw him in stage talking about a man catching his woman cheating and her husband chainsawing them to death. It wasn't a true story. He was giving an example of how black people watching violence with their kids but feeling uncomfortable watching the act of sex. True but a stupid example from a RASTAMAN who is a retired rebel. Period. Then I saw him at another festival telling a interviewer that men should have a big dick fight to see who has the biggest dick. Then he goes on to say He loves goddess worship and she created everything and all men produce is sperm. Then he recited his monkey poem followed by man is a worthless bum and lower than the monkeys. Then he says when he speaks of HIS MAJESTY he's not talking about the same Haile Selassie I the Rastas worship and serve.

Muta soon bun up. Him and Mortimer Planno and bunny wailer were instrumental in the romanization of Rastafari. Period

He was the one who interviewed Planno and confronted him about his not organizing the Rastas as ordered by His Majesty and was joking about it.

Bun out da rascal ya

oral donaldson says:

Jah know tears come to my eyes me feel it fi Bungoo Frank

lloydallwood allwood says:

as a younger man listening right now to Muta InI gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom fi real..and this is y Rastafari InI say dem crazy bald head politicians need fi move from bout yah..a roots reality and culture we a deal wit Rastafari forever bless

Danny Dee says:


Calvin Hodge Lake says:
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Dre Dre says:

R.I.P Naybahood Nip ✊

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