5 Books Every Black Person Should Read

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A book of the top 5 books I think every black person should read
Post Traumatic slave syndrome: http://a.co/gHartK5
The Isis Papers: http://a.co/87IJ2X4
The destruction of black civilization: http://a.co/6Q8C7XZ
Powernomics: http://a.co/7sy7api
The new Jim Crow: http://a.co/cE71Yx

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Fred Lee Johnson Jr The 3 says:

Wow YES,YES indeed I'm just saying thank you, thank you for your deep and powerful video essay/commentary is in my opinion truth be told the truth and food for thought. Black First

TheSelfLearner1 says:

Thanks for sharing, Natt! I also expound on this topic in my video, "Read for Your Life". I look forward to reading your comments!

The Pro-Black Perspective says:

Boss. Show my book some love. It's a real gem and you'll love it

Marcos Ferreira Da Silva says:

Thank you brother, from a Black Brazilian. I'm gonna try read this books and educate the blacks of Brazil. Spread the words in Portuguese so they understand why we still are in the Favelas ( ghetto), being the ones being killed in the streets, being the ones that do interracial marriage the most, more then 90 % of white Brazilian are married to white Brazilian but then it comes to black brazilian man it dropes to 64 %. Just search for "namoro interracial" on YouTube and you will see a lot of black brazilian women hating on black man and praising the white man. The Blacks in the Américas are under attack.

Jordens Cadet says:

Great book choices.

Paul Joseph says:

Thank you my brother fr

TheSelfLearner1 says:

Natt, have you considered writing a book soon?

Hlompho Moleleki says:

I am just so surprised by how much I do not know about my own race, yet I know so many things going on in America, I even know part of their history. Hahahaha, I know "They have even flown to the Moon"… what a lie!

Ashley Gabriel says:

Where do I get these books

Negro Question says:

A wise man once said, "You have to shovel through a lot of snow to get to the shed." Continue posting empowering book reviews.

Candi Reign says:

We should also have a Blacks Law Dictionary and an Unabridged Etymology Dictionary #facts

Brant Blk says:

First black male I’ve seen talking about reading on YouTube

NicDenise says:

I just finished reading Dr. DeGruy's book … powerful … informative …. I highly recommend it

Axmed Bahjad says:

Wonderful collection of books! We must all read them.

jesuismbali says:

The Isis Papers. Thank you brother.

stephen carter says:

If every "black" person read 'Basic Economics' by Thomas Sowell ,"black" folks would be a lot less easily fooled by politicians and intellectually lazy 'Pro-blacks'.

Sam Sahai says:

Read these books and loved them all. I suggest that every black family have them on their shelves, not only for reference but for their children and grandchildren.

LowerTheVolumeUp says:

Great vid brother; thanks for the review.

xXBambiiXx Duj says:

That dislike was Donald trump

Logic Can't Be Broken says:

How many are reading at 8th grade level?

Eva Learning says:

Great list. I've read 3 of the 5. Every Black Person in America Should Read The New Jim Crow

Liliana Thirdgill says:

I tried reading The New Jim Crow and found it really hard. Surprised you found it easy, I will have to try it again.

beautyfiend83 says:

Awesome list! Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome changed my life.

belle mcellis says:

Dr FRANCIS Cress Welsing

Alexis Drake says:

Already read The New Jim Crow 2x's, thanks for the other recommendations! Is your channel all about books?

Worthy says:

Thank you sir for this list. I am currently looking for a new read; I just finished "The Cross and the Lynching Tree"

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