Doggie Diamonds Opinion On The Sa Neter/Young Pharoah/Seti Debate Beef

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Doggie Diamonds Opinion On The Sa Neter/Pharoah/Seti Debate Beef


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Natasha Danielle says:

I can't believe Black folks are paying to hear this nonsense. All these khemetic people are weird and just out to make money. This is a total distraction from the real issues of capitalism and white power destroying our people. How long they going to debate abt the same dumb stuff.

KS says:

I had very much wanted to fly in from detroit, but like doggie said, it was the week before xmas, my b-day was the week prior, plus I was on vacay not working. So I didnt book the trip. But I wouldve been crush, booking a trip and it got cancelled. This is a terrible look for HOK and Sa, especially since he was threatening pharaoh and calling him all types of dick sucking faggots. Pharaoah is an asshole, dont get me wrong, but Sa is old enough to be his father and it's his event that got fucked up. And of course doggie is right, the people took the biggest L.

sudan20009 says:

. Brother DoggieDiamonds you won the debate

Talldark Stranger says:

Doggie should have more/bigger exposure! He doesn't claim to be perfect or the best out there… But always thoughtful and logical, would luv to have a cuppa n chat.

Mondoe Ray Moore says:

Why every time it's supposed to be a major debate its always some shit in the game! Peace to Seti and Pharoa, Amen Ra Fraud up!

dj johnson says:

Well we at least still got Red and Blue pill!

Jason Edwards says:

that's that NY shit, are these cats kidding me. I'm from New York and I have been to numerous states and it's all the same thing.

No particular place says:

I have nothing but disgust for sa never and it's not from this. I know him from the old eye opener days He's been a snake for a long time. Sa neter is your boy so I'm having trouble listening to you .hes not nor has he ever b en good people

Ricardo Johnson says:

brother it' is our business. the community has to know what happened. you can't give a contract 2 days before an election. you have contract taken care before you sale tickets. I think sa neter  did one stunt too many. He hurt the  people on this one

Sun Rah Rah says:

Answer to 17:35? Because they were not genuine to begin with…

NekaybaawTV says:

these "conscious" guys perpetuate gang mentality and violence with the separatism and choosing of sides as if theres some sort of life line when the choice is made. I left this shit 10 years ago and it was this way… nothing has changed. One of the major problems and it shows…. where is the female leadership? There is no balance in the community because we do not respect each other so imo this is what will keep happening until things are put into their proper perspective and some of these people are shut down.

hollywoodMayhem says:

I'd like to see one of these debates set with an actual debate format. Lets have question responses timed (with a visual clock for all to see), questions taken by a moderator and the audience. They should have to site references. Why isn't there a real score kept. This is 2016 we should have voting done by the people. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the information but the format is reckless. We can do better. This will never be legitimized until we can make it for everyone. I don't understand how you can have a bunch of adults scream, curse, and nearly come to blows when all of you have "supposedly" studied and read all types of legitimate information but act like goons the entire time. I just want us to do better than we are. People were exposed with this whole thing. It's sad. The whole goal of these debates shouldn't be to just win a debate but to uplift and inform your people about FACTS. Regardless if your into Moorish Science, Kemetic Science, Hebrew it doesn't matter you should be waking young people up to research these things for themselves rather than just trying to be the only one with some secret information.

accdawsons says:

it was so much negative energy in that room, I'm sure IL never come to any debates. too much though personally

TL Brown says:

my first Sa event with my family and seeing grown Men and Women arguing, cursing, about fight with each other and they couldn't handle their emotions..

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