Dr Claud Anderson has an issue with the #reparations plan, #ADOS and the Democratic Party

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Dr Claud Anderson speaks on reparations, ADOS, and the Met Gala, among other topics.

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Elan Jones says:

I support ados unity through and through and see the efforts to make the black man extinct. And i see the race war.

Egypt Ra says:

I’m a Black Woman who “Get It,” I’m not with the feminist movement. I’m quoting a lot of Dr. Anderson’s thoughts in a book I’m writing as well. Need to contact you.

Cadmar Business Suite says:

Black people make up 38% of the democratic party? That's embarrassing.

Lee Wonten says:

Dr. Boyce Watkins, what’s the title of the book you just read?

Capricessa Edwards-Guidry says:

Another reason #ADOS is dangerous, as it is led by a gay, black female (for the most part).See Claude was too sly to say that but if you listened closely, he said that without fully "Going There" I wished black people would critically think, before jumping on these movements. You can't stand on both sides of the fence in leadership, if black men are to become the leaders in the community again. Go ahead folks get mad at me for saying it, but it's true…just wait.

Vernon Mckinley says:

I do appreciate you both Dr. Watkins and Dr. Anderson…….so much truth!

Nan Matau says:

ADOS spelled backwards is SODA. Any significance there?

Dor Dot says:

thank you Dr. Anderson

Andrew McGibbon says:

This is so alarming that Advise show did an interview with Marianne Williamson but she didn’t know who Dr Claud Anderson was

YnnyY&nne OilRyser says:

Tell it like it really is!!! Thank You Dr. Claude Anderson for speaking up for black men. Black men go find some Red Pill content. What. Dr. Claude is talking about is Red Pill. Black American women are the black man's enemy. I don't care what a sprinkle of you say you not. From my experience they are my enemy. Have gave me the most hell in life amd at work. They sold us out.

S. Jones says:

Obama got the hope and change vote 1st twice and refused to deliver afterwards. Do not vote on lying promises. They must prove themselves to us 1st by implementing an acceptable reparations package before getting our vote.

Solomon Burke says:

Yeah but this doesn't apply to all African Americans, it only refers to individuals who can trace their ancestry to individuals listed on the 1906 Dawes Commission Roles for the Cherokee Freedmen.

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