Death does NOT Exist ?!!!..Prof. Booker T. Coleman

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Prodigal Sun says:

I love his statement of the Prodigal son since I enjoyed the parable, and hence my name.. some of what he mentioned sounds Masonic.. the 3 levels, and the words that go with it.. The masonic order is said to date back to Ancient Egypt. The seeking of knowledge, To be enlightened, or have gnostic views sounds like it to me.. just my opinion. Thanks for the video.

Lee Melvin says:

time is a construt
of your reality..
I feel that. the body goes back to ground as everything does. and your chi. aka spirit keeps living

King K says:

check out daddeybo1 channel if you're into Magic,Mindpower, Spells,Spirituality, and Self Control.

creep dogg says:

I agree lol. Long ass into. lol just get to Dr Booker T Coleman lecture.

Willow “Willowtree” Wood says:

Question anyone if death does not exist what about time?Please forgive me I'm just trying to understand.

Sugarbrown37 says:

"DEATH is the DOORWAY to the Next Get Down" = AMEN!

James Jones says:

What can I read to get the knowledge of this topic ?

Jose Rendon says:

stfu Anthony Smith, no patience havin ass nigga. can't call yu no king cus kings wouldn't respond like that.

Lei Nl says:

Your Kind of A bit wrong my brother

Lei Nl says:

You talk about what you saw on a DVD man but hold zero true knowledge…..Your all welcome to reply to my comment if you want to know more

GLAMA JS7 says:

damn cuz , it took me 2 secs to scroll cross the intro, u didn't watch it cause you didn't want to

Anthony Smith says:

Why have a damn intro that long this shit made me not watch the video

Marq Doc says:

Yessir. Each one feed one for that we are all united brother coleman

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