White Solidarity with Black Power: Join the rest of humanity!

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“White Solidarity with Black Power” is the national convention of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, April 1-2, 2017 in St. Petersburg, Florida. USM is the organization of white people working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

Register: www.USM2017.eventbrite.com

Join the Movement: www.uhurusolidarity.org/join-usm


#WhiteSolidarityWithBlackPower #USMcon2017 #ReparationsNow


dagmastr says:

What a bunch of self hating betas. I guess they never heard of affirmative action. .. hey losers go give your paycheck directly to residents of MLK st.

Chuckie Peoples says:

These dorks are getting rid of themselves and fucking it up for their children. They’re eradicating themselves like idiots.

Joey d says:

Cool, then all of you can go fuck off to Africa and do your own shit while we continue to "oppress" the natives.

Get fucked.

Black Sun says:

Dear black people: you want your land back? fight for it, oh wait, the white man has more power
you want your resources back? fight for it, oh wait..
you have a problem with whites? good, fuck off back to africa 🙂

Zico says:

happy hanukkah

Bad Trigger says:

Nice try Jews

Andrei Popa says:

Easy. Go back to Wakanda…erm Africa.

Luis fernando Tarantini Carreño says:

Why don't you fuck off to Africa then?

The Insanartiste says:

I won't take the blame. Sorry liberals.

Jorgen223 says:

what bout the asians or jews? You guys are really anti-semitic in thic video, tsk!

Nosferatu Zodd says:

The bane of white race – pathological altruism and tendency to look for cheap labour. If either of those disappeared, whites would rule everything but asia two centuries ago…

The Tepes says:

(((Uhuru Solidarity)))

The Bastard says:

4:23 "white people will no longer live at the expense of the people of the world"
They better check again who is living at the expense of whom.

Madis Fox says:

wakanda forever 😀

keloo tembeloo says:

fucking troglodites

Oyahkah Yahawadah says:

I like this movement but we're not one people we are the only Holy people besides some Arabs

MI*_*I 1290 says:

2:47 Bitch Im a slav i dont owe you ANYTHING!!!

Kev TV. says:

I think I just got cancer from watching this video

Tamás Polgár says:

The only thing you'll achieve is a worldwide awakening. A rise and thrive of all you dread and fear. One day you'll feel a blade, a barrel on your head or the strike of a blunt weapon, and your last thought will be confusion. What happened? How did that go wrong? Why is this happening to me? Not for a single moment you'll understand anything. But that'll be unimportant when your feeble remnants will be made good use as fertilizer. That's as much as you can ever achieve.

Guillermo Grillo says:

sooo…. black people are going back to africa?

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