Black Panther – Black Panther Inspired Dark Angry Trap Beat | Prod. By Dansonn

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“Black Panther” Black Panther Inspired Dark Angry Trap beat produced by Dansonn. **New Beats Every Monday!**
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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of hip hop and trap instrumental beat producer Dansonn Beats. Dansonn Beats produces an array of instrumental beat styles including piano beats, beats with hooks, inspiring beats, dark beats, angry beats, sad beats, orchestral beats, and cinematic beats. To lease or gain exclusive rights to Dansonn’s beats, visit his website:


Dansonn Beats says:

Happy Monday! Was inspired by the new Black Panther movie and soundtrack to make this beat. Who else saw the movie?

Black Ox says:

I just heard of danson this dude the hardest I done heard.

az din says:

Woow merci ☺

Tina Hyatt says:

I listen to music at work when I can, and I had this on repeat yesterday. It's addictive.. I kept flashing through images from the movie the whole time.. very well done. It's an amazing beat and it's.. I can never describe my feelings on a song… it's sexy and impressive, but it's also .. classy.. top shelf. Like someone else said, they should use this in Black Panther 2. I'm picturing it in a scene with some tension and seriousness, like him on his way to deal with some threat… a shot of him tooling up in his sister's crazy tech toyroom like James Bond with Q.. and definitely some kind of insane sports car.. As I'm typing this, I got to 1:28, that sort of "hold on a second" spot in the song, and a sleek, ultra-stylish club setting flashed through my head.. I'll definitely check out the rest of your music.

Zer0 27 says:

This is dope AF. Love this suit up, time for business style of beat. Which way to more of this style?

robert babb says:

Verse 1: Movie sold out for more hype than black lives matter-INFINITY WARS-got nothing on me-Thanos we already defeated THE BLACK ORDER- First!-and it was on our home turf-you say you wanted to feel all that power-do you really? then you can take that guantlet, and all six stoned gems up your ass-and put it where it belongs-you big arrogant giant purple bastard-that will leave you powerless-your a wrinkled old grape sour bitch-you was on a power trip-our hideout has been such a secret legend and-yea we worth, more than a hundred grand-our technology and minds expand-to make you think twice-before you ever step foot across the motherland-if you don't wan't to be a dead man-keep away from my territory- stay off the green pasture-I never freeze-what you can't tell by my stature- and you can tell em- I said, am not afraid of any fight request-I accept any challenger-so if you ready for war-line up the troops-am prepared for my suit-on my signal-ready-sound the trumpets and flute-as I give my defensive army platoon-finally- the final Wakanda salute!-(panther growls) cause, If I could be anything-I would be the black panther-the strongest, quickest-fastest Avenger-loyal kingdom of royals always obey their master-Now bow down before your long-awaited king-but only in Africa-Wakanda Forever! Hunter during daylight, predator by night-don't let me catch ya-claws and talons always itching-to cause a disaster-but am jus a white skilled rapper-who happens to be a marvel fan-that always is gonna


This is how I release my pain ,He died so I gained yet I'm still feeling lame, ain't trying to pursue fame, just feeling kinda maimed, you promised me in the promised Land I would land, cuz you took my stand extended your hand, became my best friend, help me to understand your presence help me to comprehend, the reason I'm sent, cuz I know lifes more then just about rent n about money I spent, in quietness I sense I'm present in your perfect loving Presence, what a precious presence

Savage Scar says:

I seen it thanks man.

Rokas Dimitri muzzò says:


Anleo Knight says:

I love this beat so much

Falloutskyy says:

This goes hard man!!

Galaxy Playz15 says:

Look y'all,
I'm just freaky tired of all dis cruddy mess,
Just get this junk in hell already,
No more,
Can't take no more,
Quit it wit da killing,
Quit it wit da hate,
Y'all freaky tyrants,
Y'all freaky murderers,
Just quit being stupid,

I can't take dis no more,
Quit being stupid,
How can you like watching people die,
Be filling booths in a stadium to watch peeps get hung,
Y'all be watching da gladiators killin one o nother,
And cheering an on and eatin your corn and drinkin your coke,

Stop being so weird,
Burn da trash in freaky hell,
Let me live ma life,
Don't hate me for who I am,
Cause I wont change nothin,
I ain't neva GON change dis life for you,
Get outa ma sight and go burn in hell if dats what you want so badly!

The Aktivis says:

Yoo appreciate anyone who checks out my track to this beat.

Listen to Pantha Fist by Aktivis #np on #SoundCloud

The SleepingMoose says:

Could you make your own killmonger rap beat. This shit shot was stuff

Ted Dugasse says:

they should that as the theme sonng

JuiceMAN 1kyne says:

Hey man you still laughing about Crowley trinkincarnary LOLOL let's do it again oh yeah if jigga canbababab

JuiceMAN 1kyne says:


unreal9609 says:

I've come back to reclaim that old place
i used to call glory,
yeah that's right, i'm more than angry
i hope your ready, your kingdom may be
steady but i'm about to rock it
just stop it,
i'm done with the trash talk
you go better take a fucking Sunday walk
ponder about what your gonna do to me
i'm all ready for this pain, and anger
cause I've had it all said and done to me
you think your ready? na this guy ain't nothing more
than a pussy, ever have a day where you worried 'bout living
the next hour? na i don;t think so, but that was me
for more than eleven years! ya that's right
7,8 how many more stepdad's mom!
i got only one true brother! and you call me
out today!? i think i'm ready to ruin more than your day
i'm thinking about your life!
i've gone through hell and back, and
i'm ready for more of it,
you better just sit and watch
cause ain"t nobody like me,
i'm myself, the way God intended me to be!
na just wait, i think i'm changing
i don't know if it's for better or the worse
but i'm okay with it here i go
i think i'm ready,
na, let's just sit and watch
then i'll show who i really am
i'll do much more than take my throne, i'll
burn your legacy,
then we'll see if you think you'll ever mess
with me
let's see you be raised in a hell
where you and the devil have cage fight
every night!
oh never mind, i'm one kind of a person
so that means i go through one kind of hell
i went through so much pain just to get here
and now i'm getting replaced,
that don't sound right to me
but i'll come up more sooner than later
to take back what you took from me
and you better get out of my way for your
better sake,
ain't no nook or cranny you can hide in
i'm cooking here in this fight
meet you here tonight,
na forget it, let's
do it right here,
right now,
you ain't ready?
i'm sick of this,
i'd rather kill you right now
don't give a fuck if it's the
dead of night,
ain't nobody gonna witness
your death,
forget your funeral
imma make that a celebration
my return is the equivalent of your

will finish later
amateur at work
Jacob Gressel

ThC Reload says:

I could see this being like a chris brown and tech n9ne collab. This joint dope af bro.

JuiceMAN 1kyne says:

Oh the theactria visioaney me see is so beautiful Lara

Luiis Rosa Vazquez SG SWAG MDZ says:

Suena rara pero me agrada Tus beats

I am Ella, God's Hangaway says:

i am grateful to have found your masterpieces

I am Ella, God's Hangaway says:

awesome and very inspiring! may I use some for my daughter's motivational videos. will tag and give credit to you Dansonn

GhostX Kindrez says:

I never get bored of listening to your songs keep it up

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