Dr. Umar Johnson – Detroit Nia Kwanzaa Power Lecture – 2016

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The Pan Afrikan Prince himself, Dr. Umar Johnson speaking @ the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church here in Detroit, MI. His final lecture of 2016. I ran out of memory/battery towards the end so please excuse that.

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MisterB2eternity says:

34:06 CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!

Jthe Lightseeker says:


hd31 says:

I'll follow you umar

Crystal Lewis-Gonzales says:

black men and women are equally to blame for children out of wed lock, gentlemen stop putting the blame on one group only start taking responsibility and children out of wed lock is not the main problem of the black community it is the extension of various problems the fine doctor spoke about

kinyetta branner says:

This mesaage is simple and to the point, but you must chew the meat and spit the bones out

Name Less says:

beware, this guy be the next Jim Jones

Nanel Denton says:

Thank you Dr. Johnson

Enn Eye says:

Umar Ifantune bootleg-"Prince" of Pan-Africanism Jermaine Shoemake Johnson is a complete fraud and Uncle Tom in pseudo-conscious clothing. He is not a doctor, psychologist, or political scientist by any stretch of the imagination, nor can he produce one single piece of evidence (e.g. name of any institution of higher education attended, graduation date(s), etc.) to prove otherwise. His laughable, fake as nails Ultimate Warrior-style tough rant against another brother with whom he did not agree was the epitome of low-class, uneducated, hyper-masculinity, that he laughably argues against within our black communities. Let's try an experiment: have Umar Ifantune bootleg-"Prince" of Pan-Africanism Jermaine Shoemake Johnson answer the following questions, on YouTube, with no interruption: 1.) What specific institutions of higher education did you complete your bachelor(s), master's, and doctorate degrees?; 2.) What months and years did you graduate with previously aforementioned degrees?; 3.) What were the titles and topics of your master's thesis and doctoral dissertation and when can we, the public, receive .pdf copies to read them for ourselves? 4.)What specific schools, and in which years and months, do you complete the "consulting" that you claim (on your hilariously unprofessional website) to have completed successfully?; 5.) When can we, the public, receive the names and contact information of the HBCU presidents with whom you have attended "dinner and homecoming games" to verify your claims?; and, 6.) When are you planning to release the detailed reports regarding how the more than $250,000 which you claimed you raised for an ill-conceived African school were spent? I doubt seriously that a fraudulent homophobic, sexist, speaking-tour schemer like Umar Ifantune bootleg-"Prince" of Pan-Africanism Jermaine Shoemake Johnson will ever make a singer video answering any of these very simple questions which any educated individual could answer with ease. Several others on YouTube, inside and outside of academia, business, and politics look at this giant liar for what he is: a bootleg revolutionary with reheated ideas about black consciousness presented with fake-ass thug like delivery with the intent to make a dollar off the back of people he claims to serve. This idiot is not higher-educated (having NEVER produced a single degree or graduation date) he is not conscious (it does not take much in the age of the internet to reheat previous scholarship of other authors and pass them off as your own), he is not related to Fredrick Douglass (as his family and, I am sure, DNA testing have and will prove), nor is he celibate (as the conscious stripper already proved). And so, for the sake of young black men and women whom I have the joy of mentoring and educating everyday, I would love to see Umar Ifantune bootleg-"Prince" of Pan-Africanism Jermaine Shoemake Johnson put his fradulently acquired GoFundMe money where his big fat Uncle Tom mouth is and answer, specifically, the six questions asked, or just shut-up and disappear

jesse536801 says:

he's a good orator. I respect him as a powerful orator and I also aspire to be one as well

DreCasso says:

why these ancestry.com ads keep coming up?

DNAAscension says:

Thank you so much for all you do for our children in the education system. Have you heard of Naazir Ra of Hidden Power University? You can "google: him. You two would be a great team! E LOVE YOU!! Umi OBI RA

Sukara Elan says:

The color for the logo is wrong RBG not RGB

GregB gregb says:

What's up with the school

Fredlee Johnson says:

AND IN JUST ABOUT 1:57:35 MINUTES LECTURE "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" and just let the "TRUTH BE TOLD THE TRUTH" and this is/was uploaded on December 31,2016.

K-Real 414 says:

Dr. umar johnson is a God. we always wondered if God is a spirit but God is this man in this video. ✊✊✊

truth7501 says:

He is full of pure bullshit as to what is going on in the school.

truth7501 says:

Never let him get evaluated for ADHD because you are giving them the ok to administer the drug, bullshit, because you are evaluated does not mean you have adhd and if you have it, does not mean you automatically able to give medication, he is pulling shit out of his ass for the ignorant.

Robert Nelson says:

Tired of this preaching one thing he did say black folk love white folk and again he's pandering black women left us for feminism

dfox704 says:

the truth yes

Mark Adonis says:

people are still falling for this pan African crap?

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