Excerpts from the Professor Griff Lecture Series

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Professor Griff, Minister of Information for the legendary group PUBLIC ENEMY, drops science and information in these excerpts from his lecture series.


coinhawk crypto says:

timeless information….. knowledge wisdom understanding…

sky blaque says:

Life is something else, power has its evils.

Flying High says:

No griff. Water has memory and when frequency was added and good and bad words were stuck to the glass's they showed patterns for good and like a stone dropped into the water it went awall

Nikolay Petrov says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIEemKcy-4E Go here everybody who is taking action

IceManLikeGervin says:

Enter (come into)
Tain (to hold, possess)
Ment (a state of)
In other words it can be defined as to enter into, to possess & to keep an individual(s) in a state of posession as a fan (fanatic) of said entertainment and/or entertainer.
To be a living vessel for evil wicked fallen spirits via one’s own consciousness on a direct and subliminal level- where do thoughts come from that just pop into our mind?
To emulate sinful trends, fashions & fads implemented under the guise of artistic expression while acting out on said fanatical impulses, tenets contained within and promoted by said entertainment/entertainer.
The entertainment industry binds sins with souls all for profit- point blank, fame is the devil's game.
Celebrity, the newest drug in America- gotta habit?
Media =s Medium =s Hypnotizing Minds
The Media is the 4th branch of the government ie Judicial, Legislative, Executive & The MEDIA…
The most powerful weapon of the oppressors (power elite) are the minds of the oppressed (citizens)- We, Behold A Pale Horse as the finish line is control of your body, soul & mind.

Naty A. Sanchez says:

We all need to wake up not just black people he should speak for all races not just his own I mean black people aren't the only one who suffered

P La says:

I Luv when Griff talk about his kids I wonder how many kiddies he got

sisterofLOVE54 says:

I am white and i love professor Griffs work,so please don't tarnish all whites with the same brush as those that control the world,i honestly believe they are not completely human,they are an off planet species that took control of the world and all humanity,we are all fighting for our right to live free,i believe in the same GOD as you and i believe you are another part of me,i see what they are doing,i have nothing but total respect for all races,live and let live.GOD BLESS ALL

sisterofLOVE54 says:

Whats with the racism,this is why the world is in the state it's in,you have to remember the white people do not run the world,it is controlled by the illuminati family which is european,do you not think that white people have been enslaved too,i live in Australia and i can tell you millions of white people here lost everything because of the illuminati and we are struggling like hell to make ends meat.Please as humans we need to fight these elite and come together as Gods children.PEACEnLOVE


it was never about racism its about slavery

Thomas Matudi says:

Tap tommatudi after utube pyhsical world full ..with in the body there's a soul

Thomas Matudi says:

Go to you tube tap in blackdoll physical world the tommatudi in there with In the body there's a soul or in god we trust I can do more but what iz the point who can help ..what is ur opinion let me no

Musicistwowords Mu says:

Just want to say: not all whites are enemies to black people. Believe it or not, theres white slavery going on in this world also, even in America. ALL SLAVES need to get together & transcend the sick system going on in the world. When white person tries to bring attention to sickness going on in this world, we get assassinated…. character assassinated, precursor to physical assassination. I'm white, but I remember Hip Hop in the early 80s. Women are often slaves more than anyone recognizes.

EHM625 says:

Cuz White folks are ignorant. blacks can never be racists. its more like hatred with justification. Or REACTIONISM, which is how brothas react to the system of white supremacy

Royal nash says:

who are they to decide who dies?

Royal nash says:

they died so someone else can rise up

sounds like they died for nothing to me too

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