Professor Griff on illuminati 3/3

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Professor Griff On Illuminati! (Thinks They Killed MJ, Says Diddy Is The Cause Of Skinny Jeans & Claims They Burned His House Down To Silence Him) + On Ice-T “Don’t Apologize To Soulja Boy’s Punk Azz. Give That Nicca An Ass Woopen”. Richard “Professor Griff” Griffin is an American rapper and spoken word artist. He was a member of the hip hop group Public Enemy and head of the Security of the First World. 2010

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Tony Parks says:

Yes it is since State Farm's paid a killer to assassinate me in front of Snoop Dogg Uncle Rio's BBQ shop ask Snoop Dogg Uncle Rio if we 8:00 at the shop before me and the Midget

Tony Parks says:

In front of Snoop Dogg Uncle Rio's barbecue shop 42nd Southeast Sandy Boulevard he attempted to assassinate me in his church vehicle van he purchased with part of State Farm's $2,500. Interesting blood sacrifice. He succeeded he got what he wanted meth and white girls sex and overdosed 57 your whole African-American retarded midget. Got to be retarded if be fundraise for 5 years and then he get money for nonprofit status smoke it up then overdose. Glass pipe crystal meth is a addiction to most people. However black people should never touch it my secretary is a prime example. State Farms new not to give a business-minded black man $2,500 he would get down property status. They knew to give a guy from Oregon State Penitentiary crackhead killer well he said he went to prison for murder I don't know he was my retarded Suge Knight.

Tony Parks says:

they take my secretary Nathaniel cross to kill me State Farm's did so I'll stop asking for $2,500 the amount they paid him my secretary Facebook shut down all my pages Instagram I keep having to make new ones and you too they listening to me too. Troutdale Oregon Glenn White County Commissioner his wife requested sex for money $2,500 my witness received I told her I was a boy Damien Katt Williams Friday After Next. Just because I worship the black Madonna Mother Mary black man Catholic don't mean I'm gay Catholic priests and little boys. They assumed the wrong religion for me. My secretary well that's a different story he overdosed on glass pipe above Mary's strip club Broadway and Burnside Portland Oregon and is Central City Concern building for prostitutes crackheads people on drugs that cannot get jobs because they live on the streets. I want to offer free housing to them like he received for 2 years

Anthony Green says:

Illuminati doesn't exist

george washington says:

no wat im sayin lmao

fernando hernandez says:

I support you spiritually man you aint alone, they wont win.

8bitRicky says:

I understand what you're saying.

Rob Black says:

Its s funny how people are reluctant to believe the severity of the illuminati free mason society. Its apparently so obvious the devil doesn't want to suffer the hell fire alone so he spends his existence making earthly possessions and praise through fame or fortune possible by embracing perverted and evil actions. The only way to ensure you'll be a companion in hell.

blacksultan85 says:

god bless Professor Griff!!!!!!!

SuperOmnicron says:

at 2:27…did the host of the interview look terrified or what ? The minute Griff said "I was supposed to be the blood sacrifice of Public Enemy" he had the Home Alone look.

JaQuarius T. Payne says:

@larry9088 He's exposing the truth….He's know

King X says:


Free2DieTrice says:

this is actually funny. Griff lost it

sajco ooopa says:

stop the illuminati stop being dumb and write shit down do something abouth it dont just stand there .. fuck how the fuck can we let them rule the world fuck no time for a change.

Yout00ber1 says:

And snoop dogg apoligised to souljah boy, and then he made a track with him!!!

FBI says:

Wacka fucka lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kill the illuminati kill

PW Giddings says:

"ya undastand whut imsayin"……."ya undastand whut imsayin"……."ya undastand whut imsayin"……."ya undastand whut imsayin"……."ya undastand whut imsayin"…….

kiball09 says:

no one fucking with prof one will touch him yo lol..hes to real

TechArcturian says:

@Saladon89 wtf is 'funny' about this?

beeter cesar says:

@CrazyCee18 You've contradicted yourself.

Saladon89 says:

the reason why im watching this is not because i believe in what he says but its very entertaining and funny.

Quantum Entanglement says:

I love how the ignorant people on this video look at this man like a hero.

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