Brother Polight and Lord Murk-El speak Citizenship And Unity

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What’s YOUR Nationality?

What is the Angel Training Corps?
(As of 3/20/15)
It is an organization manifest with 10 principles, 5 objectives, and 1 ultimate destiny.
Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Luxury, Money, Good Homes, Friendship in all walks of life
1. To train the youth (15-30) to actively and openly engage the public teaching our people those things necessary to make our people good citizens via their educating and galvanizing.
2. To Unite all the schools of thought by getting a thorough understanding of what each one is and their objective so we may reach them all effectively and efficiently!
3. To provide an economic foundation based on financial incentive and equity for the various members and degrees of in order to build a stable field of commerce for Asiatics in the immediate area of an AIT(Angel-In-Training) Squad/Operating Jurisdiction
4. To become ONE with the political arena of the city in every city exercising an AIT jurisdiction and work closely with the Mayor and elected/appointed officials to SEE TO IT that our people’s best interest is observed.
5. To Provide our communities with PUBLIC BENEFIT, that is the
A. PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT, via community involvement, recycling programs, neighborhood upkeep,
B. IMPROVING HUMAN HEALTH by introducing proper dieting and exercise via programs, classes, seminars, etc
C. PROMOTING THE ARTS, SCIENCES, AND ADVANCEMENT OF KNOWLEDGE via educational institutions specifically designed to teach Asiatics about themselves and for themselves.
D. INCREASING THE FLOW OF CAPITOL TO ENTITIES FORMED FOR THE SAME PURPOSE via the acquisition and proper distribution and appropriation of grants, charity, donations, etc
E. SOCIETAL NECESSITIES AND SECURING OF HUMAN RIGHTS (The establishment of Food Production and distribution, Clothing Manufacturing, Shelter Establishment and long term habitation) etc.
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Peace. Love Light and Law.



Absolute Zero says:

I’m Sicilian & have Moorish Ancestery


Respect to all serving knowledge

jahi Lewis says:

U r not a citizen of the corporation of the United States Of America but u r a citizen of the nation of the Moorish- Kingdom which is Moorish- American. Moorish because of decent and American because of birth which makes u a dull citizen because Morocco was the first to recognize American as a country and made a peace treaty which is the longest treaty ever. If I was asked am I a citizen my reply would be am a citizen of the land mass of Amexem the true name of so called America.

Rich Harris says:

This is a bunch of pointless noise. Lots of big words but they sound foolish. What is a blackman. Its a description of dark skinned man. In africa. No one screams im a black man. They say thier nation or tribe. In America we say black man because we have no idea who we are.

TruTalK82 *** says:

What a lot of people don't understand the actual Moors came with the Europeans they themselves were European just black and had the same thing in mind when they got here with the Europeans. And Spanish are European.

Stylee T says:

This brother came back ARMED with more knowledge. Should be good. I LOVE the calm conversations.

ceoofume says:

Nigga fuk is the audio???

Kwame Owusu says:

Dumbest shit I have ever heard….moorish American I swear us black folks running away out here looking dumb ashell

MidoMidox Doskwanza says:

Talk no sense idiot fakemoor

Ry Bread says:


Quran.Corleone says:

Nigga got a science lab coat on

Bryan Redd says:

Some of u that's commenting on this if they tell y'all to jump in front of a stupid enough to do it.. Will fellow anybody and anything that sound good.

Master Lodge-El says:

John Hanson was a president…so who was the Dred Scott supreme court decision talking about. A citizen of the U.S. /the CORPORATION occupying America vs a free national Citizen of the land America. Americans are melinated

Akai Warriors Productions says:

i love the moors some peaceful very smart brothers i am also a moor by decent my dad was moorish american when he was living i went nuwaupian but i need this moorish science and info peace wadu and islam

Keith McGaffie says:

With the lack of people then their the lack of power it take people to control power stats. If there were a million mores backing each other up then the will be like the noi the reason you don't see anybody in the noi go to court because they have there own political system and the power of the people within that system to keep the construction of a nation orchestrated. The fact is money isn't power but ppl is power with people comes jurisdiction. So if all these groups of blacks got together and became a congregation that's the first step of being a nation and international power. Rather we debate we have to agree on something stand by it and construct it as a law of the people on the land.

nybrotha in-jpn says:

Did he Polite said peace kid? Straight up disrespect, also what is he wearing on his head a turban and a fez at the same time? This is a funny video

Az Rahman says:

How many moors
are incarcerated? Right!

J Messiah All Star Elite72 says:

@10:45 Brother Polight hit it dead head because as the whole from the NGE to the Moors to Hebrews aint showed me shit. We are a people drunk with knowledge and no application to power. Moors say they aint black but have yet to establish a society to where we are a free people. Think about it

Mustafa El says:

Nationality matters knowing who you are matters taking your place in the Constitutional fold of government. (Moorish Our Government)matters. Taken care of your own matters. We need to get ourselves together this is truly sickening and we got these people talking about the. Moors are the biggest race traitors. We know are people always trun on each no matter what you want to call them but we are in fact Moors.

Archie Thomas says:

Was there not Constitutional Amendments that differed from the Dred Scott Decision?

heavy punch says:

I am a Rasta Man!

one_ hunnid_bc says:

oh lord I aint even gon' finish this video,murk-el tryna commit suicide after he survived the last crucifiction…..NIGGA STAY AWAY FROM POLIGHT,DONT DO IT….

Jameel Isaac says:

he came back for a rematch and still got murked lol he doesn't give up I respect that after being murked the first time cause most people wouldn't return after that so he surprised me

el the plaga el the plaga says:

can't beat em join em huh!

Tim Okito says:

Why does he have on a lab coat and what's his last name????

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