Dr. Khalid Muhammad – On The Murder of Malcom X (1995)

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From The Out Of The Woods Collection. Camera master footage.


1maggotbrain says:

Sounds like Dr Khalid was reaching out to Farrakhan , and was dis, as I can remember let’s be honest here

thebigmalkowski says:

"Have you forgotten that once we were brought here, we were robbed of our name, robbed of our language. We lost our religion, our culture, our god … and many of us, by the way we act, we even lost our minds."

– Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad

LON SOLO says:


S. Mabena says:

Pity he was Muslim

Spencer Clarke says:

I love this brother he's a bad man

Dwayne Lewis says:

Black Power ✊

orlanduce says:

damn damn damn the NOI did Malcolm X & Bro. Khalid wrong

Holly Cow says:

Only cows know why they stampede, This man was a target when he opened his mouth.

calibaby calibaby says:

Fara"Con" was and always has been obsessed with being the leader. He will and has eliminated any brother on the come up. He even sticks his nose in hip hop! If he cant have it his way he'll wish u hell

TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:

I at the wrong times lack the right words to cater to such pain but the day is not ment to solve the worlds problems in one day but in generations on top of the shoulders of others sometimes resembling crabs in a barrel but it’s more like Nature

david paul says:

Dr Farrah Grey is his son…notice he doesn't speak on his father…but says he's a self made millionaire…my suspicions is that he was given money and to never speak on his father by the government that killed his father

craig moreland says:

I Hope Khalid Muhammad Give His Life TO JESUS Before he died. John 316-18. Our skin color, and Black heritage mean, "NOTHING" TO GOD THE FATHER. ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS, WHICH SHED FOR Us, WHEN HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR Our sins, AND WE ACCEPT HIM AS Our LORD AND SAVIOR. No self Pride is Worth Going to Hell Over. Pride goeth Before destruction, A haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 24:1.

John ETA says:

Eternal love and peace to Dr. Khalid Muhammad. May the Creator bless you and may the ancestors protect you. Ase’

TB SB says:

Know this all you who worship men and False gods, Philippians 2:10-11 will come to pass… There is only 1 God and that is Yahweh, and His Son is Yeshua!

HashimTheDream says:

NURI & FAIRY-CAN ARE LACKING LOGIC AND REASON. LET US EXAMINE THE NOI BASED ON ITS OWN TEACHINGS… https://thebomanistudy.com/2018/03/07/nuri-muhammad-is-lacking-logic-and-reason-let-us-examine-the-noi-based-on-its-own-teachings/

HashimTheDream says:

FARRA-CON: “A NATION CAN RISE NO HIGHER THEN ITS WOMAN” https://thebomanistudy.com/2019/05/17/wtf-is-really-going-on-farrakhan/

HashimTheDream says:

FARRAKHAN BANNED: THE NOI FAILS AT SITUATIONAL AWARENESS & ANTICIPATORY SKILLS… https://thebomanistudy.com/2019/05/05/farrakhan-banned-the-nation-of-islam-lacks-situational-awareness-and-anticipatory-skills/

HashimTheDream says:

FARRAKHAN SPEAKING NONSENSE & HIS “GOD” HAS NO POWER… https://thebomanistudy.com/2019/07/21/farrakhan-speaking-nonsense-his-god-has-no-power/

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