Dick Gregory: America's Future

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Sidney says:

Bounty Killa – Bicycle Chain

Google User says:

He said…bin busted

Dijon Brantley says:

Thank you King Brother Gregory.  I LOVE YOU.

Sha'Quan Davis says:

Before Obama we blacks thought white ppl was so smart…But after 2008 we learn that white ppl were completety insecure,he maid white ppl hate their own GOVT…That election change my way i looked at republicans they are a weak bunch  you couldn't live in Black America it's to tuff.

Anointit70707 says:

Any African Christian (Nigerian, Ethiopian) will admit that Christianity was strong in Africa before the Moslems came in after Rome fell (St. Augustine–yep an African Bishop). They were afraid to lose their "sweet" Roman lifestyles, so they embraced Mohammed;s promises. Africa entered the dark ages too, & were the first to go GO APOSTATE from the Church, so they fell deeper back into idolatry thereafter, thence the sight of "primitives" when the whites came..as the United States is becoming.

Willie Metoyer says:

protestant christianity not the true church

Darrell Pickett says:

Once again this idiot got it twisted! These white colonialists came to Africa with guns and then sent the white missionaries to clean up! The Bible (the King James version) was translated by a Homosexual who hated women! So maybe we were better off practicing voodoo. At least one who is practicing voodoo is more honest that the white christian who doesn't practice what they preach.

Sky Marriott says:

WOW! The Bush Babies our out in force on this comment page.LOL. Black civilization and language and religion was their OWN and it was taken from them when they were, STOLEN & brought to this country. Every signifigant achievement and social order and preceived SUPERIORITY & ENTITLEMENT & PRIVLEDGE by all anglo-americans is theirs because of the labor, culture, fear and scapegoating of Blacks in this country.Fear the blacks & never let them rise equally as a people.Thats the agenda.Suckers!!

Nema Katt says:

bahahahaha this is TOO laughable… how can you give anything to the land of the first and true civilization. I laugh so hard at you!

sfd455 says:

sir.. yall introduced pagan Christidom… it was NOT christianity.. your chronology is wrong. BC is before A.D constantine established a form ofEuropean christianity at the Conference of nicea where they used serapsis as their christ.. Heru(Horus) is where this came from.. over half of the bible comes from Africa(Egypt) Read the original Egyption text. Egyption Book of the dead. Europeans are a new race of people compared to the Africans. if it wasant for us you would be still froze and starving

sfd455 says:

who is this trailor trash talking shitt!! you piece of black plague from Europe.. you bitches will burn in hell with ur trashy and selfish ways.. white folk didnt do anything for us but cause hell to the rest of the world..african folk civilized the world.. read ur history dude. Egypt is in Africa so start reading. no its not progress to eat from satans hand! america will fall like Babylon.. watch and see!! now we see who the real Christians are. and it damn sure is not white folk!

Mike Walker says:

…I was gonna visit the USA reading all these msg boxes has changed my mind.

Mississippiking03 says:

white master? Lmao! You do know a white police officer was just killed down here don't you? You think that shit flying down here white boy! We got guns now dumb ass! I got 7! So you should understand where I'm coming from don't you boy?

Mississippiking03 says:

incompetent? I have 2 degrees dumb ass! I work accounting and attend huge meetings with corporate personnel! Why do your people hate to see me in the room with everyone's attention? Why do they drop everything when they see my car ride thru on 24s and flowmasters on a 2012? You fall in line cracker and bow down to the real go getter in society! With all the attempts to stop me, I still will make it even in this fucked up economy!

Mississippiking03 says:

those people getting fired, you can't be down right racist these days! Blacks can read now! I can file a lawsuit with the right amount of money! Remember that!

Mississippiking03 says:

yep, I do as a matter of fact! They throw racist jokes and I send them right back! Keeping a brother down? I didn't get fired! Fyi, all of the associates I named is currently looking for employment. Lmao! My manager is my best friend and she's white so I don't blame whites because its nothing new for me to work 2 jobs! I go get it LEGALLY! It just seems funny how your people look at that like its unheard of? A black male working hard? Your people are full of ignorance!

Mississippiking03 says:

lmao! You stupid white boy! I got a 2012 charger srt8! Yeah, no one stares at me huh? They ask me if its rented? Lol! And boy? The only boy I see is you! Just be real about the situation you racist shit! Your people are greedy! I'm just paranoid when two "white" bitches and a white guy tried to get me fired from my job after 2 weeks? Your words are falling on deaf ears dumb ass! I have white friends and that's where I get my info! You don't ride charger on minimum wage!

Mississippiking03 says:

why be racist when you haven't heard what a person has to say? Being racist assumes an opinion of someone without listening to them so this statement makes no sense! Be careful, the hate is overcrowding your judgement!

Mississippiking03 says:

I see it mighty strange that you're wasting your time watching the video? The guy didn't say one word racist but you just beat him to the punch. What are you studying on YouTube? Obviously, niggerology! Lmao! %dumb white boys!

ANTI GOP says:

please post more of this wise man!!

GenjiZerk says:

@HOODPROOF1 Wake up, man. You are still in a Martin Luther King Jr. state of mind. There is no such thing as "coming together" or "let's all be united". [Though] hand [join] in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the rightoues shall be delievered. (Proverbs 11:21)… As long as we live in a nation filled with the wickedness and unrighteousness of Satan, the world will never be united.


it dont matter what he r any other leaders say r do if we all cant come together n call on god together . together as one we all r just players n a life game that we cant win ..

hellokittycutie2003 says:

@xtrmsprts Wow, your ignorance is mind blowing. First of all, before you go searching for shit to start, realize WHO you're talking about. He's not a preacher, never has been; rather, he's a legendary comedian. Second of all, how dare you call him racist, when you typed "niggerology." Learn some respect for your elders, and realize this man speaks from experience, not from what he read.

magiksity says:

If blak dudes were all like this intelegent guy I wudnt be racist

Stoneologys Stone Love says:

I love him so much. I hugged him
but I didn't tell him.

TWill16 says:

Words of wisdom

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