*PROOF* The Resurrection NEVER Happened… Ray Hagins Needs No Help Exposing Christianity

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Using the Bible alone, Ray Hagins points out some of the many contradictions in the bible, particularly concerning the 4 gospels.
See for yourself that these bible verses do in fact contradict one another. #WakeUp

If the bible is the reason you believe that jesus was resurrected, what will be the basis for belief once you watch this video and learn that the 4 gospels contradict each other???
Will you exercise cognitive dissonance and denial??? Or will you accept the truth and #WakeUp from this false religion that is pacifying and immobilizing us???

Recommended Books
“Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don’t Know About Them)” https://amzn.to/2Vg4nfd

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Kweli Kush says:

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Recommended Books

"Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don't Know About Them)" https://amzn.to/2Vg4nfd

Nathan Ndalamba says:

This is now the time we start praying like Elijah for God to openly expose this FAKE pastors. Christians lets pray for fire to burn these guys. It angers me to see guys like these guys misleading the sheep of God. I feel like praying to God to kill this guy but Christ said we should love our enemies.

Cleonies Odom,Jr. says:

Regarding the seeming contradictions of the Bible : Contradictions in the Bible
FAQ: Fine. But aren't there over 100 contradictions in the Bible that have been shown to discredit the Bible's divine inerrancy?

There are numerous lists of alleged Bible contradictions. It's remarkable how many skeptics refer to these lists when they reject the Bible, but they've never truly read the underlying scripture in the Bible itself. Of course, if the Bible does contain inaccuracies, it would show that those parts of scripture could not have come from a divine source. However, it's very convenient to accuse the Bible of errors and contradictions, but it's a different matter to prove it.

At first glance, certain scripture can appear contradictory with other scripture. However, further investigation under standard rules of logic and textual interpretation (hermeneutics) reveals something different. First, reasonable skeptics should agree on the definition of a contradiction. "The Law of Non-contradiction," which is the basis of all logical reasoning, maintains that something cannot be "a" and "non-a" at the same time

Zachaeus Ogunsanya says:

This is areal atheist. May God have mercy on him and his ignorant members.

Zachaeus Ogunsanya says:

This is areal atheist. May God have mercy on him and his ignorant members.

Zachaeus Ogunsanya says:


Zion Forever says:

This was so good !!

nathan mccloud says:

Christians listening to this is so mad their shacking fighting mad, going against Christianity is dangerous and can be deadly, the way I see it, you do you and I do me without crossing the line with anybody on their beliefs

eliteoutlaw3210 says:

This is real shit. I always felt that way. Fuck what these cowardly slaves are talking about. It's proof we are not all equal. Some are born to lead and some are born to beg

Ang Cooper says:

You are a false teacher and your destruction slumbers not !!! You have trampled on the blood of the son of God and put him to an open shame !!! Its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Woe unto you ray higins !!!!

Glory To God Glory To God says:

Listen to the laughs.
These people souls are at stake!!!!
This man is in complete darkness. Blind leading the Blind.
He has no understanding. This is Jim Jones Reincarnated in a black body.
So Sad!

Glory To God Glory To God says:

Just Embarrassing!
Judgement Day is coming!
People flee this Antichrist!

poppa slim says:

Another question. If it was part of God's plan for Jesus to get nailed,, why wasn't Judas a good guy for doing God's will?

poppa slim says:

Question . If Jesus knew he came to die for our sins, why did he ask God, "father why have thou forsaken me" when they were crucifying him. Uh oh.

Joseline Hernandez says:

Omg….why are u preaching?

robert Castle says:

And in that day there will be False teachers and prophets

iQ Denim says:

Funny how all of the Bible thumpers in these comments can't even form proper sentences. How are you going to believe in a book that you can't read and defend it with words you can't spell?

DJ M.I.A. says:

This brotha needs to go to every church ESPECIALLY black ones & tell em what they need to hear.

freakylilg says:

Now just add that religion is a stupid waste of time and only stupid people need/want/have it. Grown ass adults living in fairytale land.

freakylilg says:

No human, god, person, Jesus, or monster has ever reincarnated or resurrected. EVER. None have ever virgin birthed. No human has ever lived to 900 yrs old. The carpenter didn't build the boat, a Shepherd did??? Boy you people are truly intelligent as fuck, and I'm fucking great at sarcasm.

Nuggets And Treasures says:

This man makes me shame to be black!

Zen Der says:

Then why you're preaching motherfucker, if he didn't.

This is Laflare Tv says:

It's gonna be a hard road to reprogram the ppl but you have the right tools. I read the comments that are negative and they all are emotional nothing based with facts. So keep working Mr. Hagins

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