Story Before Bedtime : One Thousand and One Nights (Intro. to 'The Arabian Nights')(Arabia/Persia)

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Story Before Bedtime Presents: A Thousand and one Nights Also referred to as the Arabian Nights.
( StoryTelling of the ancient arabic tales – think Aladdin and Ali Baba). This is the ‘Introduction’ to the tales (setting the scene).

There are so many stories in the volume which aren’t as well-known as the others. I chose to do the Introduction to show people ‘how it all began’

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MimiTheStoryTeller says:

At last, Shahrezade has told another tale from the Thousand and One Nights! This time, it's the famous tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves!! – It's the long, original version of the story – go and take a listen!! xxx

Barbara Kemmers says:

You should sell pj with your story before bedtime.. I would buy 1. Thank you for these fine beautiful videos

Hridhya Hijith says:

Malayalathil paranju tharavo??plz

matthew mann says:

Indeed a compelling, mesmerizing, and hypnotizing voice

prativa thapilaya says:

Please make English videos

prativa thapilaya says:

Love English story

Gabi Llhewellyn-Ari says:

Can you please do more stories of the Arabian Nights?? Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad etc??

MimiTheStoryTeller says:

Hi everyone! I've just made a new story – This time, it's the famous Indian epic of The Ramayana: Go and take a listen if you'd like! 🙂 xx

Alysia Shear says:

Can you redo this with a newer mike? Its hard to hear…please?

InvisibleShadow XII says:

I read this in Wattpad too, and it's so good. I can't get enough of it.

Bania Torres says:

I drive to work at 2 am and listening to you keeps me up ☺️ thank u so much!!!

Tariq Tayyan says:

the Story telling and the story are great , but the used microphone has an annoying distortion sound.

VuduEyes says:

The names are Persian names. The girl was actually brought in as a slave and she was very smart. Plus she was a Persian Jew

Joining Jojo says:

So did he get tired of the stories and kill her after 1001 nights???

Evyndarahl says:

Could you please redo your voiceover because this sounds weird. I was looking forward to hearing this story but it's harder to understand you. Thank you

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