Arabian Nights 2000 movie (Mili Avital, Alan Bates, James Frain)

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alibaba , genie …


Sabrina Peterson says:

Great story…..told very well

David Adam says:

☆This Movie is a SLEEPER ? Having no prior knowledge of this feature film, except sum bits & piece's of the over all story!. Not expecting at first the exasperation of the caliper of actor's rolls inthrolid in the telling of this wonderful story ! It grabbed me at the start and did not let go until it was over , THANKS !! WITHOUT THE OPPORTUNITY THIS CHANNEL PROVIDES I'M CERTAIN I WOULD OF WENT WITHOUT EVER SEEING IT ! THAT WOULD OF BEEN A SHAME, !….

shounenbat510 says:

I think I recognize the guy who played Aladdin. Didn't he also play Bruce Lee once?

Some Guy says:

Jewish physician at 56:41. Lol

Pony Redseven says:

As a boy I had a 12 volume set of the thousand and one nights, each one about as thick as an encyclopedia.

Carlo Jacobo says:

Infinite Jest…. Shakespeare + DFW reference. Damn we really out here on that grind, lets get this pan.

Jinx198 says:

58:39 Horatio want to know thy location

MANG YT says:

I am surprised youtube didn't copyright this

Ruby Paukei says:

I love this movie so much all the beautiful stories being told by a beautiful story teller I wish I could her tell me a story every night

glitterbug102 says:

This has to be one of my absolute favorite movies. ❤

inkyguy says:

It's amazing that John Leguizamo plays both the Genie of the Ring AND the Genie of the Lamp.

inkyguy says:

The unmistakable Rufus Sewell playing Ali Baba. I “discovered” him playing Seth in the marvelous comedy parody “Cold Comfort Farm” (1995] I’ve enjoyed seeing him appear in numerous roles ever since, going from strength to strength.

Angel Pates says:

This is piracy

watch2muchtv says:

So happy this is on YouTube . Thank you so much for putting this movie up !!!

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