Dick Gregory – The Truth about Captain Phillips and Malaysian Airlines 370

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In this previously unseen clip from our TRUTH interviews, comedian/activist/author DICK GREGORY shares his thoughts on Captain Phillips and the Somali Pirates as well as the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which went missing in March, 2014. Look for our 1 hour special, DICK GREGORY: MORE TRUTH only on Reelblack TV. Camera: Daryl DeBrest. Special thanks: Lillian Gregory, The Rrazz Room. Follow Baba Dick @IAmDickGregory A Reelblack exclusive.

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David Smith says:

We're so fortunate to have had Dick Gregory explain the mysteries of the universe to us, as well to fabricate more conspiracy theories because we don't have enough.

Nicholas Bollinger says:

My dude took tha red pill said pussy shit, took tha black pill said come on man, took the whole bottle of dont give a fuck pills said now we getting somewhere but lemme tell u about shapeshifters motherfuckers

Reality NotFiction says:

He knows a lot of shit. People need to STFU and be all ears and this world would be a better place.

Allen Trey says:


Ross says:

The Rothschilds own the patents. They are for transistors I think. The plane was later used to shoot down and blame Russia, MH17.

Smiling Sammie says:

He’s talking about the mark of the beast… smh y’all can think the Bible isn’t real but it’s telling you what will happen

Rob Dan says:

he is the craziest person. people listening to him are soo ignorant.

Reverend Nigga Daddy says:

The Black Panther movie
showed where the plane went down when He descended into the Jungle in India to rescue those children from Slave Trafficking.

miss shauna says:

This my Irish Dad drunk goin off

PurelyAfrican says:

I'm surprised white hollywood allowed that line in the film "I'm the captain now" although it is the only memorable line in the film it's so powerful because it comes from an african.

We are the ones that can bring wp to their knees, not anyone else certainly not blk americans because we have the land, the resources, and we have the history with whites we know them and if we get together and stand up to them it's over for wp WORLDWIDE!
So that line could ONLY be said by an african.

timmy tap says:

This interviewer aint even listening. What a bird

lawman3966 says:

D Gregory does a great job of dramatizing a nonsensical and debunked conspiracy theory based on a total absence of proof and a blatantly false statement of the law. Patents do not pass to the "sole surviving owner" if co-owners die. Instead the shares of the deceased owners pass to the heirs of the respective owners. Moreover, the four deceased Chinese men associated with the patent were inventors not _owners_. Engineers working for companies who invent things in the course of their employment nearly always are required to transfer ownership of the technology they invent to the companies they work for. There is really to be learned from this video. Just a nutcase conspiracy theory being given a dramatic reading by a skilled entertainer. See snopes.com for more.

WOKEipedia says:

They werent trying to steal the oil. They wanted to kidnap the crew and ransom them back

WOKEipedia says:

Organ Stealing mann

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