B2B #: Umar Johnson, Sara Suten Seti – Brother Against Brother

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Brother Against Brother: Black Activist Community Erupts in Flames – Intelligent Dialogue about the recent disputes, disruptions and discussion in the Conscious Community. Sa Ra Suten Seti, Umar Johnson, Polight, Tariq Nasheed, Sa Neter, Young Pharaoh, Red Pill, Blue Pill, Tommy Sotomayor…

December 28, 2016 – Brother 2 Brother
Brother Against Brother: Black Activist Community Erupts in Flames!

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FWyine Magazine says:

Well Said. This behaviour from guys with such followings in the community is unacceptable.

African American Homeland says:

Black Americans need US Constitutional Powers, Control of State Institutions, Structural Systems and Territory & Land. African Americans can Exercise US Constitutional Powers & Control State Institutions through Political Control of Several States. 45 million Black Americans are large enough to have Super Majority Population of 8 Southern States. Actually, we only need 36 million for Super Majority in the 8 Southern States, that includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas & Tennessee. The other 9 million Black Americans can stay in the other 42 States. 24 million or more Black Americans flooding into the 8 States Southern Region will cause most whites to leave the entire Region, the most Conservative whites and the most Liberal whites will remain 80% Black 15% White and 5% others.
The 50 States has Reserved and Shared US Constitutional Powers with the Federal Government. State Powers include Powers to Charters Corporations and Banks. Regulate State Commerce and Tax all Corporations and Firms doing business within the State boundary.
First, Black Americans must form a Political Party to Control a State, (Black Coalition Political Party).
2. Great Reverse Migration; Black Americans most distribute their population into all 690 Counties, including small towns and rural areas in the 8 Southern States.
3. Control the 3 branches of State Government, Executive Branch, Legislature Branch and the Judicial Branch.
Once we elect our people into position from Governor, US Senate, US Congressman to State Senators, State Legislatures to Judges, State Prosecutors, Mayors, Regulatory Boards & Commissions, County Sheriff to County Councils, City Councils and other local elections to all appointed Positions, now we have established a system & a Hierarchy of Authority from top to bottom, with a Black American Platform and Agenda.
With a Political System in Place, Black American State Legislatures pass Laws & Regulation to Charter Black Own Banks with State-wide & Region-wide branches. Black American State Legislatures create Laws and Regulations to grant Incentives and Favorable advantages to Black Own Corporations and (Local) Firms to help compete with Multinational Corporations. Black State Legislatures Pass Laws and Regulations to Charter an African American Stock Exchange to help Black Own Corporations raise capital to buy assets within the Region and help Black American investors to grow wealth.
Black State Legislatures Pass Laws and Regulations to grant Black Own Corporation control of State Critical Infrastructures and Utilities, Example Electrical Powers, Telephone, Digital Cell Phone, Sewage, Water, and others. These Large Black Own Utility Corporations will be the largest business assets in Black American Community.
Black State Legislatures call a Referendum on if Georgia Power, Duke Energy, Mississippi Power, Alabama Power, Southern Corporation (Utilities) remain Privately own or become State Own Enterprise (SOE), then the Utilities are repackaged and sold to Black Owned Corporations using the African American Stock Exchange to raise Capital.
Black State Legislatures pass Laws and Regulations to negotiate with National Franchise Corporations to grant 66% to 80% of all franchise ownership to Black American Investors. Or Start Black Own Franchise Corporations and grant them favorable advantages in the Region.
African American State Officials negotiate with Multi-National Chain Stores, Example CVS, Walgreens, Kroger , others and persuade, grant incentives to sell their assets to Black Own Corporations.
Black State Legislatures pass Regulations and Laws to convince Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, BMW. Mercedes and others, if they want to continue selling new cars in our State or Region of States of 45 million people, to award 66% to 80% of New Car Dealership Franchises to Black Own Corporations and Black Investors.
Black American State Legislatures Pass Laws and Regulations granting 80% of all State and Local Government Contracts to Black Own Corporations, Firms and Black Professional and Consultants. Black State Legislatures pass Laws and Regulations to deposit 90% of State and Local Government Budgets ($400 billion) into Black Own Banks. Black State Legislature pass Reparation and Land Reform Laws on the State Level.
Each State will have it's own State Economic and Development Authority (SEDA) and Regional Economic and Development Authority (REDA) for larger projects covering more than one State.
African American Homeland States.
Black Americans are so much behind, we need bold Visions and Concepts
http://www.africanamericanhomeland.com or Twitter @BlackAmerican33
by Frederick Delk

Alchemy GodNine says:

Good Show Fam.

Kito Kimble says:

I wanna be on the show

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