Dr Umar On Reparations

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Dr. Umar Johnson Gives His Take On The Importance Of Reparations And Some Of The Circumstances Involve Within The Movement.


Zeus Max says:

Why should I pay money when no one alive was a slave and I’ve never owned a slave. It should’ve happened 100 years ago! I’m Irish and when we came here we were slaves so where are my reparations? Where is the money coming from? Taxes? Blacks pay taxes so they are paying their own reparations? What about other minorities who weren’t even here during that time? The native Americans need to be paid back before black America! Blacks were given land or option to go back to Africa so why are we paying again? Slaves weren’t the only reason America is prosperous because Italians, Irish, etc also helped with things like the railroads, bridges, and other infrastructure. Weren’t slaves helpers on farms or to help run the household? The reason America is prosperous is because people had aspirations and inventions and started business and hired people and then built more things so I think it’s a stretch to say slaves are the only reason we white folk benefit today. Speaking of benefits I grew up poor, hungry, no heat, no water, no electricity, no new clothes, free lunch at school, then I was on welfare as an adult for 11 years, overweight, and self medicating with Vicodin before I decided I didn’t want to be that person and got my nursing degree that I had to pay for because I didn’t qualify for anything. Where was this white privilege you speak of? We were denied help from welfare office because we were the wrong skin color! Funny if you are black you qualify for more welfare benefits but if you are white you were lucky to get food stamps and focus hope.

Jeff Suttles says:

The only way he's going to get his "little" wish list is to start another civil war. He better get in line behind the Native Americans.

mossgirl28 says:

Booker T Washington was BORN into slavery in Virginia in the mid-to-late 1850s, he took it upon HIMSELF to walk 500 miles to go work + get an education. Afterwards he founded was is now known as Tuskegee University, https://www.biography.com/activist/booker-t-washington.

Reparations, to me, would be two things:
(for those who want to attend including adults who want to take advantage of a free college education).

Students choose an college prep, entrepreneurship or trade certificate program / classes. Those with good grades (not dumbed down) get to attend the college or trade school of their choice according to their chosen field.
ALL EXPENSES PAID COLLEGE EDUCATION; free transportation to & from WORK & COLLEGE + FREE DORM…at ANY college/university.

When you complete your education…you pay no income tax, ever.

If you choose not to take advantage of the college education, etc., you (continue to) pay income tax.

Dennis Williams says:

Bullshitt… Everyone is an individual, we all want our MONEY 1st…

Jay's luggage says:

I don't need any cash

Laur Manolescu says:

how many africans sold blacks as slaves all around the world?

lana franklin says:

This brother!

Pierre Paul says:

Detail, specifics and precise.

tell it like it is says:

Well said and to the point.

Brandon Crumpton says:

Ahead of his time

tenrag sicnarf says:

I heard you on a speech saying that DVDs chicken wings and TV we should have stolen or we have stolen for our reparation money so what the f*** are you here speaking about today cos out of your own mouth your mouth your words your speech you said DVDs TV and chicken wing we should steal for our reparation money you don't know what the f*** is speaking about every week you come and talk some other s*** you're confused and people should stop asking you questions and start put f**** baseball bats in your face and in your mouth because you don't know what the f*** you're talking about and if people talking about reparation money you ain't collecting my money cos you don't know f*** all what you're talking about you don't have a clue what you're speaking about you just regurgitating s***

Prophet says:

Give me the money, keep your free degree.

Zarata Scott says:

Excellent !!!! Perfect! It could not have been narrated better! Excellent!

likesmusic11 says:

Damn, he was saying four years ago what I am saying right now with the people screaming for reparations.

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