Judge Joe Brown Tells Umar Johnson Putting Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill ‘Downs Masculinity’

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Judge Joe Brown says Putting Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill ‘Downs Masculinity’ For over three years, there have been rumblings about Harriet Tubman being on the $20 dollar bill. However, Judge Joe Brown still has an issue with it. He recently told Dr. Umar Johnson, of all people, he believes the freedom fighter should not be on the $20 bill because it’s an insult to Black men and downs masculinity. He also complained about the “Harriet” movie, saying, “This movie is to soften the public up to the idea


timbucktwo says:

You can tell some men in here are raised by single mothers.

Kentuckyfan7 says:

I agree i feel like females wont her on a dollar bill the most! just to say a female on a dollar bill. We should be on a dollar bill after all the shit we done been through! I think Martin Luther King or somebody that black guy should be on a dollar bill


Fatimah Lee says:

I don't think any black person should be on any of the EVIL AMERICAN DOLLAR BILLS,WE ARE TO GOOD FOR THAT EVIL MONEY, however what Judge Joe Brown said was ignorant and sexist. He also said there should be "a black man on the dollar bill before a black woman". But if the women are wrong for wanting a woman on the dollar bill first, aren't you wrong for wanting a man on the dollar bill first? We black people face are own sets of sexism because we are men and women, thats the society we live in, but for him to say there should be a man, thats basically the same thing just in a male version. He didn't just say it "downs masculinity" he said it should be a man first, think over that.

Courtney Davis says:

I agree with Joe Brown

Ant Dean says:

NO, he said it's disrespectful to Black PEOPLE because an ethnic group is measured by the status of it's MEN… & no successful ethnic group exalts its women above it's men as leaders. FACTS

Abd al Raziq says:

Disingenuous. Cut it out.

freethinkingMILF says:

This is why we remain a conquered people…self hate, misogyny, hatred of women, toxic (fragile) masculinity/patriarchy.

Shawn Daley says:

I want Harriet Tubman on the bill!

Donovan H says:

Where is the lie though? Feminism has been using so called black people as a trojan horse to get what they want for years now. But yall not seeing it.

Yes or No lal says:

I agree with the judge 100%

Nikki Jones says:

Wow. What a terrible thing for him to say. I think he doesn't like a woman being the image of freedom. Makes him feel bad. Pathetic.

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