[2h]Neely Fuller Jr – Don't Get Into Arguments About Religion – 20 Nov 2019

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Neely Fuller Jr talking live on 20 November 2019. Visit Mr Fuller jr’s website https://producejustice.com/?affiliate=9

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Antwain Gray says:

The SWS are Pushing alot of interracial marriages I noticed

Michael Bishop says:

My brother is always dropping jewels B1 REAL talk!!!

CypherDivine says:

Kaepernick wore the shirt after he realized they were trying to play him for a sucker with that shady waiver.

Dude tried to say some slick shit about ADOS and Mr. Fuller didn’t go for it

Angela Coleman says:

Yes Mr. Neely you have to make a living for yourself. I agree, I support you 100 percent. Family there are lots of ways to earn cash today in order to purchase Mr. Neely books. Peace, love, and prosperity.

Mansoor Celestin says:

1:24:11 I’m still learning.

BlackMusicGenre says:

I see someone sent a message indirectly referring to the Kaepernick workout. I personally seen nothing wrong with a Kunta Kinta t-shirt . What was so offensive about those 2 letters on a shirt ?

2ant1man5 says:

Ty sir a gentleman and a scholar for you’re extra hard work

JayRey Live says:

At 27:00 where do we get the resources on information technology

Less Confused says:

I suggest just buying the Code Book and Codified Word Guide, it is not unaffordable or over priced, black people buy everything else that we want to buy but when it comes to something constructive and something offered by another black person, we expect to get it for free, that’s a Slave’s Mentality. We are in a System of Racism White Supremacy and White people’s money is a must.

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