Brother Polight Was Looking Real Bad

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Danny Artis says:

If God has really showed any of you anything you would understand by now. God said in the Bible in Deuteronomy chapter 28,29, 30, 31 of we did not turn back to him and worship him he would destroy us. Meaning he would destroy the Hebrews, black people are Hebrews. Most of the tribe of Juda and Benjamin was brought to America. Study your history, not all black people are descendants of Shem. God has told you in the Bible he’d rather see his people destroyed if they don’t turn back to him. In Old Testament God only spoke to his people, never Gentiles. If you believed in a women is God, STOP IT. Eve had sex with the snake. Cain and Abel is not mention in Adam Genealogy, further more the Bible says Seth looked like Adam and God curse Eve in childbirths. That’s why God said your seed will kick the other seed. Adam and Eve bloodline would fight with the Snake and Eve bloodline. Jesus said he cane back to fulfill the law not create a new set of rules. Meaning Jesus came back to give the. Gentiles a way to go to heaven because God knew the bloodline would all be mixed up in the end. Remember Lot daughters sleep with him to keep the bloodline peer. Gentiles are a product of Eve and the snake, if the Gentiles looked like the Hebrews then what made them different. Women is not a God and she will always be used by Satan to bring man under Satan control. Women will trade men in for power and success. Look at the feminist movement, same old Satan trick. Ask God for answers, God told us in Deuteronomy chapter 30: 1-3 verse. No one can save, laws or leaders cannot save us. Gods people are curse and not the Jews in Israel. God will destroy as he said in the Bible if we don’t return and follow his laws. Wake up black Hebrews. God is not interest in the Gentiles, white people will not save us. God didn’t abandon us, we stop obeying him. Read the Bible, stop being tricked by all these people who think they know the Bible. God clearly tells us in the Bible when the Hebrews return to him and follow his laws he will gather us all together. The Curse isn’t lifted because as it stands today 10 tribes are no where to be found. Yes the Jews in Israel are not God chosen people.

Deuteronomy 30 King James Version (KJV)

30 And it shall come to pass, when all these things are come upon thee, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before thee, and thou shalt call them to mind among all the nations, whither the Lord thy God hath driven thee,

2 And shalt return unto the Lord thy God, and shalt obey his voice according to all that I command thee this day, thou and thy children, with all thine heart, and with all thy soul;

3 That then the Lord thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee, and will return and gather thee from all the nations, whither the Lord thy God hath scattered thee.

Gun Toting Democrat says:

Battletruth Love Massa Book..Fetch …Good Boy ..Now Sit…..What ..You have No Problem Doing what Someone Else Tells You to Do and You don't Know Them ..No Questions Asked..So I'd Thought I Give it a Try..All You Gotta say is. In Jesus Name..and it's Right…Right??…….Wrong…So Wrong…Polite Trashed You Up and Down and You Ran and didn't call Back..You Know You Lost.. You Had No dates No BenchMarks or No Facts ..Just What You think You Read. SAD.. SO SAD..YOU DELUSIONAL YOU THINK YOU WON…Negroe You seen All them 9s…the chat told You You Lost…and You Dipped Just to slide Over Here and Pretend You were Victorious….You Wasn't.. Sorry..Study More…You Lacking in Knowledge…Bt said he believes in Talking Donkeys…Negroe Pls..LOL


Battle truth killed polight in the 1st round the other rounds didn’t even matter after the 1st that all I had to see but I watched the whole video .

Killingsley Johnsok says:

Are you Mike Tyson's little brother?

Killingsley Johnsok says:

You didn't win shit, Jesus is not real, and you need to take a speech class you colossal fucking idiot.

Vito Corle’039 says:

Polight really killed u BT it seems u was out of ur league and u started making excuses. It wasn’t even close fam

Vito Corle’039 says:

Went to the debate on SaNeter Studios 90% of the viewers say u got washed! I listened and agreed… u lost BT

Uriah Lewis says:

U killed polite your opening round was fire…he kept pointing to the black womans accomplishments but black men also accomplished it was a weak argument on his part

Mv says:

Great job truth

Heavenly says:

In my opinion you were great! I just wished you would have called back in if the problem was your computer or something just to let us know you were done. Why give them the satisfaction of saying oh he ran off Polight won smh no he didn't.

L. Davis-Bey says:

Whack & Weak

LaCream says:

Watch zeitgeist please my brother

BlackJesusRadio says:

This is your boy BlackJesusMinister .. Bro. Battle truth you destroyed Polight !

Brooks Fleming says:

Truth. Can u respond to the brother that wants to know when ur going to step foot inside a battle rap arena?



soro vision says:

It was my first time seeing this polight guy….It's sincerely sad nowadays to see how weirdos with such effeminate behavior manage to have followers.
"Human beings are God."…Even though they are unrighteous&have no supernatural power..How are people that dumb? This is crazy.

BeyondCapoStatus says:

lol why do these dudes try to make their comebacks off battle truth? First Rome with the diss and now this brother polite dude wanting to have a debate

Al East says:

Great win Battle Truth, keep em coming!

Darren Hall says:

Yo Battle Truth I Heard You Got Bodied By Polite "Bang The Gavel On This Clown" SMFH Damn BT Now Your Judgement Is In Question

papi isgoldtv says:

Anyone have chronicalsofjuda email I'ma reach out to him to try to get him to break this guy down I'll even pay him to do it

Moe D. says:

Battle truth lowkey retarded. He really think he won without saying one verifiable fact

Juelze B says:

Truth lost the battle clearly, no debate

NoCredit TV says:

You got to go against Suten Seti

AhWaryam Lawya says:

Lol you lost to that clown polight. You let him get away with so much it’s a shame. Saneter asked the question:
“What has the black woman done for the state of black people”

You let that clown play semantics and answer it like “what can the black woman do for black people”.

The question was what has she done!!!

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