Dr Claud Anderson discusses Black Friday spending and Thanksgiving

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Let's make black Friday boycott every Friday. Spend your time and money wisely.

Edmonster01 says:

White Friday!!!

GerrysPlace says:

I like this vid..Good insight from Dr Claud.

amy benje says:

weapon of black destruction

m. jackson says:

Learning from history is good, but Dr. Claud is so much caught up into the wrongs of the past until it stops forward progress. I want to make money today.

Dre M says:

Base on ur analogy all Black Friday since the slave didn't have any money Im wonder what were they spending you said they had no jobs no no nothing…. where did they get money to spend to become the biggest consumers? That makes no sense. why are u afraid to say why it's called black Friday????!!!

Dre M says:

No to black Friday no to Thanksgiving No to all those bs so call holidays. Mr Anderson that's not the reason why the phrase black Friday was coined cut ur shit.

reneexoxo says:

Black Friday nope

Tony Williams says:

Dr. if this nation gave NEGROS which are a people . Black is a color,REPARATION was they fear the most is another TULSA. NEGROES are waking up its people like you and him who rhink you know how we think , The two of you would love for NEGROS to be in a condition that how you get paid

Justin vlogz And gaming says:

When you speak about the Jews & their blueprint you must explain how they were able to get that head start & build their communities & businesses. They pulled their resources together through reparations.. Their were Jews who posed as Germans who acquired gold silver paintings.. start up capital

Linn Geez says:

When we were segregated we had more wealth in our communities, we created our own and support our own. White folks saw this and created a strategy to take wealth from us, then came the intergrationist who made Black folks believe that we were being denied opportunity by not having access to their establishments. We had our own establishments, yet we were conned into the WS economic game to invest our resources into theirs. This was the worst move we made. Many of our mothers, aunts, sisters and even brothers knew how to sew, tailor, design, build, beautician, you name it we did it. WS took all this talent away from us and we gave it to them under the guise of so called equality, which we never gained. Then they use propaganda to make us believe we need what they had when we created everything. We are Naive and complacent about WS. They insult us and we pay them to do it. No Black person should be shopping in Macy's, as a matter of fact NO BLACK PERSON SHOULD BE CELEBRATING ANY AMERICAN HOLIDAY AND SPENDING THEIR MONEY ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU CAN'T EVEN WALK DOWN THE STREET IN AMERICA WITHOUT BEING A TARGET OF WST. WE MUST STOP TREATING EACH OTHER WITH DISRESPECT, WE MUST STOP BELIEVING IN THEIR IDOLS. WE MUST STOP OCCUPYING OUR MINDS WITH SILLY DISTRACTIONS OF MATERIALISM, VANITY, AND GLUTTONY. WE MUST STAY ON CODE AND KEEP TEACHING OUR CHILDREN WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT IN THIS WICKED, DEMONIC SOCIETY THAT HATES YOU!!

Bigrod62 says:

y'all keep saying 'buy black', but outside of a few barber and beauty shops, restaurants, and night clubs, what businesses do black people own? We own no industries. I would love to buy black—-but let's be real, the vast majority of grocery stores, department stores, car dealerships, etc, are owned by whites or majority-white corporations, or by other non-black peoples. We just don't own shit, generally speaking…and that's real talk. And to own businesses, you need access to capital, and banks are notorious for refusing to lend black folks money for business capital, and the cycle continues…black people are the permanent consumer class, sad to say…

Cocoa Puff says:

Blah blah…new content please….same old same old….you and Dr. Anderson could have joined forces and had a couple of franchises by now…Dr. Watkins sits up here and listens to Anderson's recycled lines as if they're new week after week….How disingenuous! AND Dr. Anderson's voice is ANNOYING as HECK !!!

Charprim says:

I got powernomics and so far it's one of the best books I've read I been putting ppl on in Delaware. Even offering to buy them the book myself

Tanasha Brown says:

We are still feeding the matrix with these rituals (Thanksgiving)… SMH

Shermo LBC says:

Marijuana eating me up lol … but only way I can save money n stay sane go to work everyday ,

Amun Ra says:


Nm Wms says:

If I got a rep check today I would make plans to go MOTHERLAND! I WOULD NOT SPEND ANOTHER DIME IN THIS SHIT HOLE. JAJA PRATT!

Nm Wms says:

Ain't studden that thanksgivings, black friday, Christmas trick shit either it's all a lie. Christianity too!

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