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Dr Amos Wilson Moving Beyond White Supremacy Civil Rights Toward Revolution

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TheUmmahFightCamp says:

One great reason black folks need to get together and learn to cooperate for the better good is so brothers like this and as what was the case with Malcolm, can be supported by US! These brothers do too much for black people to be financially well off by virtue of black funds.

Amen ParAnkh says:

I LOVE DR. AMOS WILSON! He is my all time role model for consciousness and living an Afrikan Centered lifestyle. I also love Honorable Marcus Mosiah and Amy Jjaques Garvey! This is why I am building Amen Ankh Akademy – virtual stream of consciousness for Re-Community Building! Amen Ankh means sacred life- We venerate all living things from creation! We spell Akademy using "Ka" representing the eternal spirit of our Ancient Aku(Ancestors/DNA) Within us! Please Join Us! amen.ankh@live.com , amen-ankh.blogspot.com , https://www.booster.com/amen-ankh-akademy-green-home-school-network/ , http://fineartamerica.com/featured/amen-ankh-akademy-adenike-amenra.html , https://www.change.org/p/please-support-amen-ankh-akademy-our-african-centered-green-steamm-home-school-cooperative-network-to-end-the-school-to-prison-pipeline

Tony Jones says:

If it gets down to it, white folks will not only feed their children, they will hold out "seconds" for them, watch black children starve, and shoot them down in the streets when they protest. Frankly, with the proverbial shoe on the other proverbial foot, we would do the exact same thing…but since "we and ours" are the ones who'll be on the receiving end of the starving and flying hot lead, it's past time for mass awakening and mass movement.

Ro Velt says:

I am ashamed to be just finding out about this man but am glad that I have

roy hunt says:


xana hyun says:

did he talked about the danger of following Islam and Christianity?

MrPrincessdlow says:

where is he at for this lecture? always been curious to where he's travelled.

B Money says:

Wow, this is so relevant especially in this new election of Donald Trump as president. Excellent information imparted.

The Bantu says:

I am Christian – not one of the silly ones. If you listen and learn from Dr Amos Wilson there is NO WAY you will believe in a Clinton victory. I am grateful to have my eyes opened by him to the true realities of the world – that racism is most evident when there is the appearance of black progress in a dominant white society. Dr. Amos Wilson taught my words: "When you see a black president that is when racism will camouflaged be at its highest". Let black people not hope in a "good white president" – let us bond together as a black commuity and support each other economically, psychologically, and by any other material means. That way we do not have to hope in Clinton or care whether a Trump is president because we will be strong regardless!!!

One-HunDredd™ says:

one love for this brother

rollmic says:

The history of any nationality of people is beautiful. No matter who they are. Whether it seems a good or bad history. There's beauty in it because the Wisdom of Heaven will speak the cause to each individual who is listening with the ears of Wisdom. African Americans are a Great People. They have to be willing to recognize The Magnificent Creator that they were created by.
And eventually they will….

Jamal James says:

Thank you John Horse, for this life preserving lecture. Thank you Dr. Amos Wilson,,,,, None of the so called white great people, can even come close to our best. Not even closssss! :)

gulun couloundel says:

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to one's circumstances and to change those circumstances to one's convenience and survival. Best Definition of Intelligence, ever!

Park Bench says:

White people make holidays out of the anniversary of what they stole, murdered, and got away with. Crimes of white people are celebrated.
Why do the victims believe the false accusations of the ones actually doing what they accuse others of doing???
1. Racist always accuse the victims of being racist.
2. Israelis accuse Arabs of wanting to exterminate them, when they are exterminating Arabs. example GAZA.
3. False Flags, without evidence, accuse Terrorist of attacking inno…cent people, when it is really actors pretending to be terrorist.
  4. Bankers steal your money and accuse you of being in default.
  5. Cowboys always accused the Indians of attacking Pilgrims when it was Pilgrims attacking the Indians and stealing their land.
  This propaganda persist even today and the media makes sure that is how people think.
  It is better not to be a hyprocrite like white people and really become a Racist and hate white people for what they do, then to try to make peace with an historical enemy.

MS. ILBB says:

We lost this man too soon. Brilliant man. Love him.

Hotep Trinican says:

long live black power

Z Majors says:

long live the Afrikan Spirit of my BaBa:
Dr. Amos Wilson

-Uhuru Sasha.

Onlyryda says:

35:06, there goes your black president.

blitzgreg1 says:

powerful and prophetic isn't this? when one has a knowledge of history, Geopolitics and extremely exercised critical thinking faculties as our Great ancestor Dr Amos Wilson its also very certain that you will make these very same predictions and take the necessary precautions too. if only the masses of our people would wake up and be astute enough to develop themselves this way.

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