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Dr. Amos Wilson – Self Acceptance and Self Transformation

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Brian Carter says:

33:3933:43 confirmation :)

Tryin2findout says:

what is the name of the music playing at the end of this video?



Chaotic Piece says:

loving it!!!!!! !!!!!:-) :-)

Nyesuadah says:

What is the name of the James Brown song at the intro??

Emmanuel Ugwu says:

I mistakingly stumbled across Dr. Amos Wilson when I was browsing for black male female relationship . Now I am so hooked on him,reading his books and watching every single video on youtube.How come nobody talks about him in the US as a black icon? in fact,i am shocked about this!!!.This man is by far the only one I have listened to who understands the predicament of Africans in the world we live in.Every African needs to listen to him instead of the so called megapastors. You become 100 times wiser just listening to him,phenomenal intellectual..

Brehon Mills says:

Amos Wilson!!  Truly the best!!

Oldpangolin says:

So black feminists existed back then too? So much is what he speaks on exists today. the same theories and the same problems

Oldpangolin says:

When I hear men like this speak it confuses me on how the generation before us know nothing about him or do not carry his words into action until the present. Amazing how he gives a new perspective on gaining what black people have lost from decades before I was born.

Trelle M says:

The camera man is annoying but im very grateful that this audio was recorded.
Elder Wilson is the greatest!

The Bantu says:

I love this man. He's like a father, a big brother you can count on.

Zannnnah says:

Reaction formation.

Paige Horsley says:

y'all how did this scholar die? its so suspicious!

gary lord says:

We need more Thinkers like this Man…..



gary lord says:

This man is brilliant . He bis a true motivator……

John Bullock says:


John Bullock says:

Dr.Amos Wilson is the greatest sociologist in the history of the Black World. We wouldn't have any problems if we were to wake up and learn from those best educated amongst us. Wake up Black man.

Isa Ibrahiim says:

So, who 're-named' the talk? And, WHY?

Jihad Yusef says:

Peace family let me pay homage to a supreme being that has come and returned in our time. The two most important people who have a had a life changing influence on my life was this brilliant brother and Sr Frances Cress Welsing. Being 5% leads you to the knowledge of Self but the teachings of brother Wilson hits to the core. I come to many revelations that when listening to his lectures gives me confirmations of what it will take for us to obtain. true salvation. My question is why hasnt brother Wilson's teaching are not a course taught at HBCUs??? How come our community does not embrace this man's teachings???? I am truly grateful for the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that brother Wilson left behind for us to learn from. Peace family

Zakiyyah Al-badee says:

Dr. Wilson is entirely too real for TV. I love him because he speaks on solutions and not just the problems. The only thing I am upset about and don't understand is how his name isn't more universal than what it is. i just stumbled upon him by accident a few months ago, and when i listened to his lecturer for the first time I felt as if he was answering my questions and speaking for me. He is a new favorite that has caused me to be better and do more.

Afro Consciousness says:

I must say that the next 30 years of my life will be greatly influenced by this thinker, he is too deep to be ignored, we must learn and teach his philosophy as much as we can

Psychology Brothers says:

Oh marty mart you sound like a white racist

Trt this

'No black psychologist will ever come close to the godfather sugmund freud.'

Instantly it causes you to feel anger. This childish game playing will get humanity nowhere. Key word humanity. No talk of black v white. Grow up. Wilson wasnt racist he just wanted equality

Psychology Brothers says:

Some people say that no white psychologist will ever match dr wilson. Sadly those people dont come close to dr wilsons level of psychology. The truth is behind all of our skin and bone is mind. We all share that mind, black people white people and so on and so forth.

This mind we share has the same emotions of love fear hatred hope and so on and so forth. If we keep looking at each other through the emotion of hatred or fear we are screwed

IMSOUK says:

intro music please

Tonya B says:


Ripp Russell says:

Dr. Wilson this video moves you into my library. At last a man that has some answers like it or not people. Thank you Dr. Wilson.

Steven Lawrence says:

33:42 the ancestor speaks


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