Dr. Claud Anderson: Plan And Scheme Black People. Pull Yourselves Together!

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Short snippet of the illustrious Dr Claud Anderson
talking about uplifting and empowering the black community.

“You supposed to plan and scheme and pull yourselves together”
Dr Claud Anderson

Dr Claud Anderson



Young man speaking on Dr Claud Anderson – More youth should speak about our elders putting in that work for Black people.

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Chris Macdonald says:

empirical proof of anderson's claims: http://www.cfda.gov

Bruce Borun says:

everybody quick to run to church,vote and cry to Obama but no one realize we are the only people with no community, majority of our men locked up and women make more money than there men. No other race has that issue

Jeff C says:

Just another preacher teaching white racism and "I never got mine because of the this and that", now its them damn mexicans! Capitalism cannot be racist because the only color it cares about is green. Dont fall for this guys crap.
Stop voting democrat, these guys are crooks. We almost had another crook as president but the blacks didn't vote.


Separation is the only solution!!!

riccccccardo says:

I was explaining to my aute what Dr Claud says she was amazed at my thinking. He's definitely an eye opener.

Tony Jones says:

@5:59….STOP fighting other peoples' battles for them. Look after your own…call it the ruthless, essential selfishness of survival. You'll be doing to others the exact same thing(s) others do to you, and don't lose a wink of sleep nor give a flying f*ck WHAT you think about it. "Dirty For Dirty.

rachel lakhi says:

I just discovered De Andersen lately. I am South African.I agree with most if not all the things you say.

Velma Hampton says:

Thank You Dr. Claud Anderson

amenra bey says:

The truth has been told evidence of our situation in all angles. Teach brother.

N Mil says:

It's too bad that when you try to send this same message to blacks they think that you are a racist or a sellout. I keep saying that it's normal for every race to practice their own group economics. There isn't a racist thing about that. In fact, it's pretty natural to desire self-preservation. It's just that everybody else has beaten blacks in the game. That's because blacks are too caught up in social issues which doesn't help fatten their wallets. However, the only blacks who get wealthy off that are those like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

malmsteen2013 says:

black must put pressure on all the blacks who makes over 200k a year to invest 5 percent of their income into black owned businesses to rid the black community of foreign owned businesses.

Peris James says:

Black people can do anything they want to do , once they put their mind to it! I have Faith and through ' Faith anything is possible' Black Power!

mochasweet34 says:

This man has been pleading for fifty years

timothy taylor says:

Its over 40 million blacks in the,united,states and blacks with money has turned their backs on blacks who has no money

Patty Laya says:

everyday you praise white racism…look to see how and what you can do to stop it! https://youtu.be/HWNry2JN9Wo you gonna want to discuss

Musashi Lethridge says:

We Love Dr. Anderson! Thanks for posting!

Phophet Darien says:

I rate this man higher than Malcolm or Martin. He's giving you the blueprint for over 20 years but only a tiny percent see it.

rose eze says:

Everything he is saying fantastic but if black people do not come together, it's just theory. Sadly black are not a together group. They have more happiness hurting each other.

Jay B says:

He's been telling y'all hard headed negroes this for decades..better wake up!!..its damn near too late

T truth says:

I see what Dr Claude is saying everyday.Im learning to be codify in my thought, speech, action, its a 9 to 5 reprogramming my indoctrination.The system stay rolling 24/7 seven days a week 365 on mistreating us blk folk.But its ok nobody said it was going to be easy great information thanks Ade.

Dreday Jones says:

truth be the light they are inferior of us giving the chance they know will rule. again just like our ancestors

mmarlkraig30 says:

Damn, soon as it starts getting extremely interesting the video is over. That SUCKS..

timothy taylor says:

Blacks could speak spanish and French and they still would not get hired.

Diditb4 U says:

His message is on time,but revealing plans of escape from your enemy´s cage , maybe written on the walls. Loose lips sink ships !

iTuber012 says:

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miami360x says:

This guy goes in harder on immigrants than on white people.

Mister Perez says:

The fairytale of black people getting Civil-rights is the biggest lie told ever,when white women ended up benefitting the most.

James Harden says:

Yes he's on the money I once live in Miami Spanish speaking people are just like evil whites….100 SALUTE

Seifullah Kheary says:

I love what he is saying and trying to do but black people will never come together and do for self

Tamu Brook says:

Dr. Claude anderson is king, everything he said are FACTS

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