Claud Anderson is suing for reparations and the Obama Administration has been blocking him

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KnowMy Name says:

Come get your reparations, Black scum!

antoine baylor says:

will Dr Anderson met with Trump?

winluv winluv says:

I heard Dr Anderson was not well sorry to hear that he is such a good man hope he gets well soon.

TheyDontSee says:

I love your videos. Brain food. Also, I noticed that a lot of times after you mention Anderson's book in a enw video, I go back on Amazon and his books (sold new from Amazon) are sold out… when the day before it said something like "20 in stock." And when I buy my copy, I'm gonna buy it NEW so he gets more money from it than buying it used from a 3rd party seller.

amenra bey says:

That negro puppet obama fooled a lot of those coons that still love this so-called first Black president, pitiful.

Mario Cavett says:

Dr. Clarke said it best we have no friends!

Edward Duncan says:

until families stop enslaving each other healing cannot take effect.

Terrell Ash says:

Claude Anderson is my guy, but know matter Obama short comings, he was a great President!

wicked lester says:

As a white man I believe we should get reparations for having to put up with the niggers!

Tony S says:

How can we support Mr.Anderson!!!?
what can I do!??

D. M. Cook says:

I hope he never gets anything but embarrassed. Black folks already get government handouts and have nothing to show for them… please STOP supporting this damn foolishness people!!!

Rebecca2001 says:

If niggers spent 1/1000th of the time working that they spend trying to hustle free shit from the government, they'd be doing so much better.

John Hunter says:

i Wonder is buzz Anderson is Claude Anderson the black guy who interviewed Dr.Elijah Muhammad Shabazz

Steve Stiff says:

God luck with those "Reparations"

Hebron B says:

I would expect the Obama administration to obstruct anything that benefits Black Americans.

50 Caliber says:

If you spent all the time you spend starting a business, that you spend trying to get free shit. Then maybe you would find yourself successful. Help those who help themselves. If your waiting on a hand out then guess what? You're going to find yourself right were you are still waiting on a hand out.

Richard Augustus says:

Great information and advice

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