Dr Claud Anderson Black Americans Will Buried Alive Without Reparations Think Outside The Box

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Ivan Campbell says:

Slavery was a commodity

BlackmatterX says:

So, how do you determine what blacks today had ancestors who were brought to America as slaves, because, as we know, the majority blacks are indigenous people. Additionally, whites (some descendants of former slaves) have cross-bred with black (descendants of slaves) and their offspring are now descendants of former slaves, right. So shouldn't they too get money. I mean this is so ridiculous. Black people really need to work for what they want and stop looking for handouts and miracles (Jesus).

Dominick Hendricks says:

give us the rights to cotton…that will fix everything

Vanne hanisch-godoy says:

I agree! Get it fast or forget it, because time is getting on.

Xvideos says:

Dam he was on fire

Victor Ervin says:

nope dont put in tha same bag as tha you we built this place really tha hold western hemisphere is at fault

Pynky II says:

Dr. Anderson you are wasting your breath… actually do something for your race…this is just more talk/protest/marchin and sore feet..and gettin your name in lights…. you are sitting in the belly of the beast and dont know it…..forget about it….call the saudi's they enslaved blacks for 1400 years … and they love you… and they got religion…and money ..and hash..

surivis lion says:

1-Its simple, we as blacks need to create small investment groups within the black community. This will create our own wealth.

philosopher king says:

if reparations simply consisted of giving every black person a guaranteed check every month , they would spend it on : rims, weaves, video games and various other crap.

JdownMusi says:

black people will never get reparations because no black , African american,negro,people of color, colored people or whatever your name is next week, were ever put in slavery! you can only get reparations when you find out who you really are and the rulers of this system hide your true identity from you! !

Kathy Lyon says:

John Conyers has been in office for at least 30yrs. He watched Detroit fall into decay, with DEMONCRAP PARTY in control. He is partly responsible for the mess Detroit is in today. I bet he blames someone else instead of the messed up commie policies he has voted for. "He speaks poison with 2 tongues". Old Native American saying, yet so true in 2016!

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