Bobby Hemmitt | Shadow Realm: Lessons on the Darkside – Pt. 1/6

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“Bobby’s first” master link:
Check or Money Order: Sirius Times Media, P.O. Box 312069, Atlanta, GA 31131

Bobby is at home doing fine as of 6Jun17.

Formerly titled “Darkside Philly: Journey Through the Shadow Realms”, This video was re-uploaded on the request of one of our patrons to see parts 4, 5 and 6 which were never released. The audio has been boosted and the full version is available to our Gold subscribers on Patreon.

Bobby Hemmitt | Shadow Realm: Lessons on the Darkside – Pt. 1/6

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iman sthill says:

i swear bobby tellin the truth on 58:201:03 that shit is so true lol

Aaron Jones says:

bobby is the best

Supa 5th says:

Before the light, there was darkness n chaos.

mrsbrown817 says:

how do we get word for him to do a go fund me

MC Lite says:

Praise and much energy his way. Please tell him that the ancestors were telling me of him when I was in California, but I couldn't make out exactly what they were saying. I was in magic stores and they kept saying what sounded like Bobby did it during my rough trials in 2011

Godscience7 says:

man i want to understand this but growing up as a Christian we were told that this is evil so i feel fear. how do u overcome this? anyway peace to the master bobby

Bubblegum 1 says:

That is definitely, great to hear about Bobby's successful recovery. it's a relief to know.
Great video, as well!

Before K says:

check the movie The Mummy w/Tom Cruise

chesumluv says:

Damn he talking about my mother I love her dearly but she does the exact thing Bobby is talking about as soon as you start talking spiritual unseen shit…she immediately turns off.

Eternal Darkness says:

Great to hear about the master teachers condition…

T DUB-U says:

give thanks see you on patreon…

SON of Overbook. says:

Philly in the house.
West Philadelphia born and raised. I wish I could have been there for is live and in person. I'll bet this was no more than 15 minutes from my mothers house. I miss Brother Bobby's aspect on current events. Ashe family
Thank you for posting this information.

Mys Majik says:

Thanks for this upload!


Yay for Bobby feeling well.Sending him some loving energy.

Shaun1 says:

Ase – do we know where to find the rest of the parts to this video?

Lotus Bee says:

Damn they killed all the people living in the projects

Aprille Harris says:

So glad to hear Baba Bobby is doing well!!

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