Dr Amos Wilson The Falsification Afrikan of Consciousness

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oldman bron says:

By filling out consciousness with irrelevant information: LGBTQ, Communism, Capitalism, Feminism…..huh

oldman bron says:

If we are not the creators of our own consicousness – this is an attack on the LGBTQ community.

Joe A.L.Jones says:

we always fight each other I know the brother rapping but he won't say hay brother what's good. but he'll tell me about consciousness.
yeah. I need to know about self. learn about my history. but we will on the outside remain the same. corrected remain anti black because of something someone else does. what someone else did.
reality they watch us build and destroy ourselves. because we can't get out the front gate off of jealousy hate hurt and pain. the education is commons. loving ourselves is different. yeah love each other like our own self. yeah. hotep brothers and sistah's

The Bantu says:

Awaken Afrikan woman and man! We are not excellent at sport merely because we are physically excellent. No sport is physical alone. The brain is a muscle just as our legs and hands. Let us kick our minds into life and see the wonders we will create.

IAMU says:

The Real Get Down is we have not taking back over OUR intellectual property…If you do not know what I am speaking about; the world's pyramids…the rest of this stuff is smoke n mirrors; deflection for those who don't know. Also there is no such thing as Racism unless you are in a RACE between Intelligence vs Ignorance, it is ONLY Classim, do you homework. Are WE/YOU prepared for UNCIVIL WAR? WaterMan of IAMU NATION the Baja Project of Sustainable Resource Base Economy.

Arzinia Richardson says:

Our brother is alluding to the fact that consciousness is a talent not a grant. It requires practice insight and forethought..Like Boxing , and critical thinking and study…

Eric Jones says:

My PSYCHOLOGY(psychology) has to be right, your psyche being right even should be put before whatever has been said by others about the history of Black folk, African folk and folk of African descent because you should already know who can control and manipulate history. By moving books out of print, and the total new renovations and changes made by the Europeans that are currently in power until whoever over throws their power. The is so much manipulation in history, unexplainably extreme amounts. Remember your psyche, your psychology has to be right. Know why you think the way you think and why do you behave the way that you behave and where does your total behavior comes from.

Raynayk says:

as I watch and listen to Dr. Amos Wilson talk about consciousness in almost all of his videos, I start to wonder if the "conscious community" calls themselves the "conscious community" directly due to his influence…if so, that is both very deep as well as a sad bastardization of the man's legacy…

Herman Hall says:

Dr. Amos, he may be gone physically, but he left a legacy, plus his recorded teachings, that we can relisten to & apply it,, we need a Dr Amos group, to put what he started into action, if someone already started, group how can one get more info.

marty mart says:

he is in my system


Dr.Amos Gone way TOO soon

stamped says:


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