RBG-Dr. Leonard Jeffries Lectures On The Origins Of Man

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Carl Eleck Sr says:

Greetings 'bone motel' @37:40 wow! bones of dead animals tend to smell of decay, and that odor lingers for a long time; what did the inhabitants, ?

AJENKINS1920 says:

this is the man that changed my life…I met at my 8th grade graduation

Master Squider says:

/mAa/ (plinth/platform – Aa11/Aa12 Gardiner) is the masculine form of Truth and reciprocity. /mAa/ is also the /nTrw/ of the 11th hour.
/mAa.t/ (ostrich feather- H6/H6A Gardiner) is the feminine form of Truth and reciprocity.

dyonomite reacher says:

Great wisdom .

Jamal J says:

Whats that opening instrumental w/ the nas one love?

al Houston says:

Always learn your own history and no let some define who you are, because they tell anything but the truth.

Nicholle La Vann says:

Photo credit by Nicholle La Vann, it would be nice to ask my permission before using a copyright photo of mine. 

shubaby schuler says:

The truth is a beautiful thing, saint mars. I don't think you know who you are… You're an albino. a mutant, a thief a liar a murderer. YES you're a cannibal. Do your own research. Eating people is part of your diet. 
You are full of diseases. You are diseased. You fornicate with animals. Do your own research, I dare you. You are the original homosexual. I've been studying Europeans for years, I know who you are. You like little boys as mates. You have no respect for females whatsoever. You promote a faggot looking white boy as God.  I know you. You're nothing but a virus on the planet earth… ask the yellow man who you are… ask the  Mexicans or the Filipinos, the Central and South American people who you are and what you are. ask the red man , ask a black man. you are the filth on this planet. I can go on and on but, You got to know this.

masterciphersupreme says:

@Saint Mars-if Africa is a cesspool as you called it then it's what Whites made it by enslaving our people and ripping off some of them they deceived into capturing our own people to be sold to Whites. if you can't deal with reality of cause and effect its there for researcher or person who stumbles across that. you're not logical so you're not part of universal law and order and it's correspondence.a guilty and a weak racist.

marty mart says:

thank you for this post.   dr. Jeffries is always informative-  factual and a great educator

Hathormaat47 says:

Envy and jealousy will get you nowhere st mars

Saint Mars says:

Talking about living in the past!

Africa is a cesspool of the worse of humanity.

"Doctor" Jeffries is a phony, a self-proclaimed Ph.D. with no academic credentials, whatsoever. The guy dresses like a clown and tells funny stories that have no basis in science. And what is with that nigga stick he points with? He is simply a version of the Southern Baptist preacher man, full of bullshit.

Pez Ben says:

August 1991: I attended a rally for you, I was very obviously white, I was encouraged to stay but had to leave.  CBS news that night said all whites who went to the rally had been kicked out!  Total racist lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Media manipulation!!!!!!!!

eddie brown sr says:


plezful says:

True True. 

Ramsees Jordan says:

I thank Brother Jefferies for the Love he shows by immersing his life into teaching and (properly) directing our people through this MAAFA. May you soar on the wings of Ra. Hotep 

TruthSeeker Ai says:

thanks for this great share Ameer.i nyc

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