10-28-2018: Why Black Business Fails and Wins

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TBA gives a full course on why Black business fails and wins and how you can too, step by step.
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Phillip Walker says:

Looking at the picture of Sam's barbecue restaurant, and knowing how long Sam owned the place, one of the first things that came to mind is that Sam is very short sited. Sam is thinking about only himself. He did very little to keep the place up. Sam didn't see his barbecue restaurant as a valuable commodity. He had no interest in making his restaurant a viable competitive option against other known restaurants like Applebees, Outback Steakhouse, and Chipotle Mexican Grill. Never thought about franchising. Never thought about passing the business down to their children. He is not thinking about the community. All Sam is doing is waiting for the developer to raise the price so he could agree to sell the place. This isn't enough proof that our so called "elders" sold us out, I don't know what proof is needed. Pathetic, Pathetic, Pathetic

Daring Goldman says:

You can be a much extra, bruh

The MelaKnight Order says:

Top 5 TBA broadcasts of 2018

Karl the promoter Kdk says:

I’m going have to say the truth he’s just a mush mouth c@@n “ the world loves me and I love the world “ seriously dude “ black
People we have no friends”

Blackwattle says:

Amazing broadcast tonight. B1.

fro334bro says:

The discussion on stocks kept coming up but Jason broke it down well around the 2 hr 33 min 00 sec mark. Everyone needs to understand that the stats are grim especially for day trading. Anywhere from 90% to 95% of traders either break even or lose money. For longer term investments around 95% of money managers fail to beat index benchmarks like the S & P 500. Professional hedge funds and investment banks who hire nothing but economics, finance, math and physics PHD's routinely lose money or go out of business.
Another thing TBA is correct on is that most of the people who claim to be consistently profitable traders and investors also sell courses, you can take a look around on YouTube just searching for popular trading related terms to confirm. You need to be really sharp with numbers and analysis (I'm talking Statistics, Probability, Calculus, & Differential Equations (Black–Scholes equation)) to make money with derivatives, stocks and bonds long term but a successful and well run business is a lot closer to having the casino's edge using mostly arithmetic and algebra, its a little bit easier.

Gulf Electric says:


37willed says:

He should have them pay him 5 million then have the developers build the restaurant as part of the the structure of the complex

ray fox says:

I'm sick of going into black businesses and they look mad you even came in

Kaydee 216 says:

One day one picture PLS

Kaydee 216 says:

One day one picture PLS

Hector 1st name last name says:

We call him T. D. Snakes.

Glenn Sheppard says:

The fake jew are now blaming louis Farrakhan for the shooting in Philadelphia unbelievable! Blk1first!!

Kelvin Quinn says:

If they offering 5 million .it’s worth 10 million to them!!!

B Dup says:

There has been no upgrade in improvements on this place at all. This is a hard look; but necessary. The white individuals are looking at the place; but not at him. They're observing. They are not interested in him; or a meal from the place.

Angela Flood says:

B1. This was so real and extremely valuable.

Stay Fly says:

TBA the intro music is the business, you sound amazing on the drums..Black Empowerment First today tomorrow forever

Malik R says:

We should look into a business hotline or message board for constructive progressive black folks. We need a medium. Excellent broadcast once again. Much food for thought. “You don’t need no teeth to eat beef”

Jerome Albert says:


ran by crooks taken by thieves says:

In the end they're gonna get that place one way or another the govt, the developers or the bank. He better call Jason 646-787-1933

Djehuti Ausar Ra says:

Those apartments are being put up all over here in Virginia too.

They are upper class apartments that are being put in democratic districts in cities to push black people out of the cities simultaneously spreading us apart so we can’t elect politicians that serve us.

Greg NYT says:

The analysis of the customers in the picture is a reach. The guy at the counter is most likely looking at a menu board behind the cashier. The lady behind him is looking at the TV. The two people behind her are looking at the pictures on the wall that are clearly there to get attention. The guy behind them is most likely looking at the same menu board the guy in the front is looking at and the woman behind him might be facing somebody who is sitting in the seat next to her.

Without context you can't draw a definitive conclusion.

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