This video is geared toward the plight of blacks against slavery. It is meant for a black audience but the truths presented here everyone should know. Everyone blames the whole white race for the slave [More]
Dr. Martin discusses how the zionist attempted and continues to try to derail Afrocentric movements using misinformation and propaganda.
The late Dr. Tony Martin diligent research had been provoked by several events with faculty members in the educational institutions where he taught. The tactics they tried using, to silence the focus of his lessons [More]
Neely Fuller Jr explains that the person(s) who know and understand more than everybody else will be the dominant person(s) Visit
Neely Fuller Jr – The Black Code Neely Fuller’s Most Powerful 6 Minutes Ever!… Mr Fuller’s Talktainment Show: Mr Fuller’s Website: Click here to Subscribe: Mr Fuller’s Show: Mr Fuller’s Website: [More]
Neely Fuller Jr explains we need systems of justice worldwide in order to have world peace. Visit
This work contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of artistic, environmental, political, [More]
Neely Fuller jr talking to Mr Bobby live on Talktainment Radio on 29 June 2016 on grammatical errors, english schools, proper english, correctness, cutting down spending, showing off, working in white corporate america, “not working [More]