A Brief interview with Dr. Asa Hilliard by Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn. Dr. Hilliard has been to Africa many times, but passed away in Egypt on his last tour (August 12). Dr. Kwaku has included a [More]
Series Host : Marti Chitwood Dr.John Henrik Clarke Dr.Ivan Van Sertima Dr. Naim Akbar Dr. Rosalind Jeffries
Dr. Asa Hilliard, Dr. Samuel Matthews And Natalie Christian created a dvd based on a book written by George G.M. James
Series Host : Marti Chitwood Dr. Ivan Van Sertima Mrs. Carolyn Leonard Dr. Runoko Rashidi Dr. John Henrik Clarke Adel Al-Jubeir
Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III was the Fuller E. Callaway Professor of Urban Education at Georgia State University, with joint appointments in the Department of …
Kemit – Theophile Obenja & Asa Hilliard