In a presentation titled “The Black Women Intellectuals and Activists Who Revolutionized Black Power,” Ashley Farmer shares her research on women in the Black Panther Party. She will speak about the multi-faceted roles that they [More]
2017 National Summit for Courageous Conversation Presents Dr. Pamela Noli with the Asa G. Hilliard Award for leadership in racial equity achievements that have an immense impact on culture, social, and academic development of underserved [More]
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Black Wall Street: Homecoming 2018 Recap – We hope to see you next year!
“The Destruction of Black Civilization” de Chancellor Williams par le Sesh Rekhmire Coovi Gomez
This extensive Video by Dr. Ray Hagins documents through the usage of over 350 pictures to provide irrefutable evidence of the Pagan-Euro Gentile theft, copying, plagiarizing and re-presented concepts that originated with the Nilotic peoples [More]
Destroying the things that keep us from elevating and being better than we are..
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Sounding much like the great Malcolm X, CUNY Professor James Small has an effective solution to the RECORD NUMBER of extrajudicial holice killings of citizens in America. What do you think? Get in the comment [More]