Secrets of World Control, by Jordan Maxwell. Who really runs the world? Who controls the money, the politics, and almost every facet of life without you knowing a thing about it? Is such a thing [More]
The Difference Between Human God-Man and Mankind
Dr. Delbert Blair speaks with Brother Rich and Brother Red Pill on Underground Railroad Radio…..ENJOYY!!!
As I am doing my research because the Spirit and consciousness of the prolific Dr.Delbert Blair lives on, Spirit guides me to stay on track as synchronicity refines what I am researching: The Atlanta Child [More]
Honorable Dr. Khallid Muhammad/Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz are featured in this classic footage. Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz shares his early beginnings in the New Black Panther Party followed by an important lesson for the faithful [More]
Slightly out of sync for Malcolm’s portion. Malcolm speaks about his trip and experiences in Makkah and Dr. Khalid Muhammad speaks about his. Dr. Khalid’s experiences were quite different than that of Malcolm. Dr. Muhammad [More]
Black Nationalism and the Jews (1994): An insight into the tension in 90s New York between the Jewish and African American community. Subscribe to Journeyman here:… Synopsis: Tensions between the African American and Jewish [More]