Amos N. Wilson | Riot or Revolt? Urban Responses to White Hegemony

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TechLady says:

Thank you for these uploads.  I was VERY FORTUNATE to sit with Dr. Amos Wilson many, many years ago.  The first time I met him, he spent 3 hours talking with me.  He changed my life forever and I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL for the wisdom Dr. Wilson poured into me on that sunny afternoon.  Truly, one of our MOST BRILLIANT, VISIONARY and STALWART WARRIORS for the empowerment of African people.

Abba says:

Very brilliant man.

Morris Wilburn says:

The statistics on the financial crisis mentioned by Dr. Wilson are as follows. Of all federal spending, 23% is for Social Security, 26% for four health-related programs (Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, ObamaCare), and 10% for paying the INTEREST on the national debt. Because of demographic changes in our population, the costs of these programs is going to increase in coming years. The debt is primarily because Social Security has been under-funded by employees for many years, and the shortfall met by borrowing.

parislu1 says:

He looks like and sounds like Cedric the Entertainer. He was a smart intelligent man. His research has not gone in vain. We are learning from his 8nsight and experiences.

Joey Jones says:

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Paul Irving says:

Were Dr. Wilson's POWER CLASSES recorded????

I AM says:

This is the most overlooked and intelligent black man that has ever lived.

Etah Setihw says:

I do love listening to Dr Wilson but it frustrates the hell out of me when the producer of the video over looks the sound quality! He naturally speaks quite softly and all too often the volume is lacking despite setting it to maximum! This is often the case with many other producers of audio visual material. I wish they'd be more professional about this particular aspect instead of focusing on ads and subscriptions!

Axel Foil says:

….and there IS no "civil disobedience."

Michael Malcom says:

All the OIG's are dying out.

(Original Intellectual Gangsters). RIP Dr Wilson.

Kim7000000 says:

Dr. Amos Wilson = true genius + gifted teacher. His writings and lectures should be part of the curriculum of the education of Black children. He should be a revered household name in Black America more than LeBron and Jay-Z. But we took the assimilationist route during the civil rights movement and haven't turned around yet. That's why despite a few Black superstars like Oprah and Obama, generally Black people in America are still in the position they're in today. (And it's going to take more than seeing Marvel's Black Panther movie to fix things but kudos for the more positive representation of Black folks in it.)

prince amir says:

Diddys Revolt brought me here

Egypt Ra says:

For those of us who can stand it, go INTO the churches and gently attempt to wake them up. I was sleep for many years. Only been woke for 2 years. I stopped listening to John Henrik Clarke because he said that the ice people took our religion and tampered with it and sold it back to us. That was how I woke up. I stopped listening at first but went back two years later. Plant Black Power Seeds in the various churches!

Egypt Ra says:

Since I've stopped eating meat and all meat-by products and only listening to Baba Wilson. I feel more sane and I see how in-sane the world and politics are. I had to chuckle inside when my white district manager said of my kkk immediate manager in front of her, that she is my super. I thought, Baba Wilson explained this morning how they try to setup supemecy psychologically. But what the Ice People don't know is that I'm only there until I can open my own business.

Adrian Reeves says:

Love this guy

Infinite Possibilities says:

I wish churches cared about black people, instead of preaching about Jesus, they get lectures like this. The black church is white supremacy under the cloak of false spirituality. Thank you so much for uploading. My heart breaks at the horrible truth of this. I often said that the majority of blacks must be intellectually brain dead. I understand the underlying cause to these issues.When families are planned, is when the people will rise. This generation (my generation) is scary too me. They have kids with absolutely any plans for their lives. You shed so much light on the Government and the iron fist that is has through violence. Revolution can only occur with violence (Extralegal).

Future Society Of Gentlemen says:

Between 1:531:55… The End Game solution.

Dee Dee says:

+AfricanThinkingChannel why did you make the video labeled "Amos Wilson/ black economics, crowdfundung…." private. I need that video in my life. He touched on Moses, the Jewish CIA (Mossad), Afrikan su su and etc. I'm a subscriber, and I would love for u to bring back public again, please.

jazz hill says:

Charles Barkley. Steven A Smith. He described them in detail in this lecture.

Samuel Ma'at says:

Took me three days to get through listening. I kept rewinding, playing back, taking notes and soaking up all this info

Joshua Hemmingway says:

I have said for some time that the philosophy of nonviolence is what has invited whites to practice a philosophy of violence upon us. As James Baldwin said 'the only time nonviolence is admired is when the Negro is talking about it.' There has never been any time that whites have taken on a full-scale nonviolent approach to the enemy threat to them as people. The fact is that nonviolence has proven noneffective and for blacks to continue to believe that nonviolence is the answer only explains why they're still dealing with the problem of racist behavior from the white collective.

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