Dr. Claud Anderson: Group Economics. Gentrification. Black People Building For The Future. Jan 2017.

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The Illustrious master teacher Dr. Claud Anderson on the Carl Nelson radio show once again for January 2017!

Credit to Victor of RWS.
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Our brother and dear teacher of economics the illustrious Dr. Claud Anderson speaks with so much truth and eloquence.
He certainly is a master teacher and has many years of experience helping in the community.

Is he a future leader for the black community? You the listener be the judge of that.

Support Dr. Claud Anderson. Don’t forget to purchase his book!

I have and it changed the way I look at wealth and black people in general.

Also his other world famous book is

Black labor white wealth.
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Black voters

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TheWorldofblacks says:

When are Blacks gon start talking about REAL economic FREEDOM??

Carol Jeffries says:

Where are the lawyers who can take on this issue?

FullCircle says:

Its happening in Seattle also…..buying up the black homes inherited by young blavks from their parents turning them into condos…condos with a high price and only for the whites with a good job(s) that can afford it.


West End Atlanta is a good place to go in and rebuild. Trust me they are looking at that area.


I have just come across Dr. Claud Anderson yesterday listening to Dr. Boyce Watkins. I have been listening to him all day as well as Dr. Boyce.

staybalanced says:

Thank you so much, ive been trying to record carls stuff. Its a shame they cant post their archives up reliably and consistently.

AwilDoinIt says:

Im starting to think that us conscious blacks need to move to Africa and restart. I'm starting to think that there is no hope for the vast majority.

Momma Sharon says:

Got my 4-pak, THANK YOU Dr. Claud Anderson!!

Momma Sharon says:

Website for Everett Hall Boutique in DC that Dr. Anderson spoke of. They have an online store as well. http://www.everetthallboutique.com/

Knight B says:

@49:57 can anybody tell me what Supreme Court decision this was that he mentioned? i can't find it on Google.

Glinkling Smearnops says:

Gentrification is taking land in low value use, and converting it to high value use.
Low value use – occupied by black people, ie drug sellers, criminals, baby mamas, gang bangers.
High valsue use – occupied by non-black and non-mexican people ie stores, shops, homes, doctors, lawyers, dentists, executives, managers.

It's that simple.

Glinkling Smearnops says:

Black people don't want to rich. The Civil War destroyed all the wealth the blacks created in the Souht. Blacks want to be slaves, live on handouts, obamaphones, midnight basketball.

quicktripgas says:

This is REAL black consciousness people, Not that fake shit everyone else is pushing. If people are not teaching you group economics and business, they are a FRAUD and they are keeping you poor. We really need to wake up before we're back in slavery as a beggar again for the next few hundred years.

TheyDontSee says:

I love when the DJ asked if white people can help and Dr. Anderson was like NO. And a good reason given too. I've started groups and whites have always come saying "Can I join?"… they can't let us have anything for ourselves. They claim that they're not here to meddle but they always end up trying to take things over for their own agendas. Don't trust them when it comes to our interest.

Joseph Straughter says:

Amazing the valuable knowledge Dr.Anderson has been putting out and yet Africans in America has yet to act.

Cynthia Hayes says:

This man is a treasure! I met him briefly when he spoke in my city; very humble man that loves his people.

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