CHECK THE DESCRIPTION BOX FOR INFORMATION Dr Claud Anderson talks about wealth and a host of other topics. His books are still best sellers after 27 years! When are black people going to get up [More]
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Since 1969, there have been over 9,000 elected Black politicians but there has been no change in the wealth base of black Americans. Instead, politicians get paid and entertainers have become designated spokespersons to black [More]
Dr. Claud Anderson is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc. and The Harvest Institute, Inc. PowerNomics is a company that publishes his books and produces the multimedia presentations in which he explains his concept, [More]
CHECK DESCRIPTION BOX FOR INFORMATION. The Illustrious Dr. Claud Anderson on the Carl Nelson radio show. Credit to Victor of RWS. Subscribe to his channel. Facebook Our Brother the illustrious Dr. Claud [More]
CHECK DESCRIPTION BOX FOR INFORMATION. The Illustrious Dr Claud Anderson talking about his favorite subject and empowering the black community through knowledge, economics and relevant information. Dr Claud Anderson Facebook Dr Claud Anderson [More]
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“What we must do and what we must know.” OurBlackImprovement features a video from 3/27/1996 when Manhood Through Uplift (MTU), The Imani Foundation, and The 3rd Eye Movement brought the ancestor, the Honorable Dr. John [More]