SG: Dr. Phil Valentine "Is Feminism & The #MeToo Movement the Return of The Goddess Kali?"

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“VOR” Voice of Reason

Is Feminism &
The #MeToo Movement the Return of The Goddess Cali?
SG: Dr. Phil Valentine


What is the wounded womb’s affect on intimate relationships?

Are we currently living in an unregulated patriarchy?

What is the difference between a matriarchal society and a matrilineal society?

What are the disadvantages, if any, of a matriarchy?

What is a walking marriage?

Where most ancient civilizations egalitarian with regards to relationship status?

Which is the lesser evil: a matriarchy or a patriarchy?

What are some matriarchal societies?

What is the significance of matriarchy?

What is patriarchy and matriarchy?

Why does it seem that the 3 Abrahamic religions “appear” to marginalize the impact and presence of women?

What differences would we notice immediately by switching from a patriarchy to a matriarchy?

Is the rise of modern day feminism a euphemism for the return of the so-called “destructive/evil” goddess energy known as Cali?

How different would the world/human society be if it was totally matriarchal?

Why did more societies develop to be patriarchal than matriarchal?

Were the early human societies/civilizations patriarchal, matriarchal or both?

Has there ever been a matriarchal civilization in history, if so was it successful?

Are matriarchal society is less belligerent than patriarchal society’s?

Is there any evidence/data that insinuates that matriarchal society’s are more peaceful than patriarchal society’s?

True Or False?
In pre-patriarchal societies the iconography is completely different from anything found in any patriarchal society, “Goddess-worshipping” or not. It is a wholly or predominantly feminine iconography throughout the society?

Who Is The Goddess Cali, and what is her purpose?

Do/Did historically matriarchal societies exist? If so, how did they differ from patriarchal ones?


Robert Williams says:

These new beats straight flames!!!

Ra-Ben Heka says:

21:39 is when the show starts.

Roc Base says:

Them disrespectful bitches deserve everything they get in life

Jbiz Dillon says:

Mimi had to be on the short yellow bus.

AJ Oh So Random says:

Part 2 please

Akyrah34 Vigier says:

Wow I expected more from zos female line up. Instead it was over all their heads. One stayed on her phone. Another was ready for rebuttal. Glad here this again from Dr Valentine but you really wasted him time.

Jbiz Dillon says:

Dam zo those women to grown to be that dumb. They act like kids perfect example why we losing as a race.

Yoshiyahu Yisrael says:

I disagree in the synagogue we would debate the Rabbi and Nasi. About topics

Blackbeautifullove says:

“The WOMBMAN and her Consciousness – her Spiritual Awareness is POWERFUL so whoever CONTROLS what she BELIEVES in CONTROLS that POWER” ✨- Zo Williams

“YOU are an AVATAR of GOD” – Dr. Phil Valentine ✨

Yoshiyahu Yisrael says:

Zo quoting Torah and the Quran

Yoshiyahu Yisrael says:

Ruwach = spirit, wind, air, breath

Nefesh = soul, life, living being

Ibriym define in english

Yoshiyahu Yisrael says:

All of them myths. Forget the religion and focus on the teaching

Talib Numan says:

You guys don't have on seat belts??? And you paid for this ride with Dr. Valentine good luck. This is going to be heavy. I'm a simple man I see Dr. Valentine I click.

Kojo BoDuke Ajani says:

Heru and Christ are not the same. Heru is a perverted allegory and founded in pagan idolatry. The Bible speaks about this.

Antony Loe says:

They all said they were open minded until the Great Elder started dropping jewels..

Antony Loe says:

Horrible panel.

Knowledge Above All Else says:

Best Show this Year…. We need a Part 2!!!!

Bryan B says:

Hindu Harris is Cali. Tulsi Gabbard is Hindu too

Bryan B says:

These are the ignorant type women that will be your boss at work etc…boss bitches etc…but ignorant and blind as FUCK.

T.O.P _ thoughts on purpose says:

Thank you for this i needed this over and innerstanding
# 5150

Future Society Of Gentlemen says:

Religio……meaning…..scrupulous or strict observance of the traditional cultus".

Most undisciplined humans need religion.

Future Society Of Gentlemen says:

This is a prime example of the difference between being WOKE and being about Black Consciousness…..Being WOKE lacks depth, ethics, realization. It makes me sick when "pro black" is conflated with the black conscious community.

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