Dr. Claude Anderson: Black Economics and Reparations

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On the Shoulders of Giants: Dr Anderson Black Economics and Reparations

“Elements of Functional Communities: First, they should have an independent economy that is wholly owned by residents of the community and provides consumer products, services, businesses and employment opportunities. Second, they should have an active code of conduct and group accountability. Third, they should have a form of governance that collectively speaks for the residents and is capable of applying political pressure to outside groups.” – Dr. Claude Anderson

On the Shoulders of Giants was created by Joseph A. Ward. Mr. Ward is a graduate of Florida A&M University and holds his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He possesses over six years of experience in delivering academic success presentations to grades K-12, college-aged students, and middle aged adults. By working in diverse venues such as grade schools, college campuses, juvenile divergent programs, correctional Institutions, religious communities, homeless shelters, and foster homes has become skilled at providing valuable life training to a wide variety of community members. To schedule African history education classes or life skills trainings click here: http://ontheshoulders1.com/contact/

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On the Shoulders of Giants Vol: 1 North America focuses on 10 heroes from Mexico, America and Canada. This book is for the brave,trailblazing men and women in history, who used their talents to empower and uplift their people, and fight for their freedom. When one is knowledgeable about their past, their sense of self worth will improve, they become vessels to pass along information to the next generation. Our 10 heroes are trailblazers we can be proud of for serving their people. “We stand on
their shoulders.” Enjoy!!

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