The Isis Papers chp 1

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The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)


Abo says:

Thank u.u so much for sharing.
Wish there were a transcript to accompany.

Why is the "non-white" or whatever that term used considered a 'double negative'??

Big Lord Julian says:

The white organization . family organizations. business organization.

Alex Little says:


Kunta Kinte says:

Whytes are burned by the sun. This must be where the idea of vampires come from.

Bobra Anderson says:

I have to say our goodess we miss you so my beloved 3 thank you so much I hate that we the people you taught an loved#black didn't save you are removed you from the system 4 I wish that your book could have been read by you your voice will never leave my empty at leaset before I heard you. ears I truly miss you my goddess 5 I wish I could have at least could have been in a room are just in your city so I could at least stood on your street being your body guard . I know that you knew the system of white suprimice had you on there rador . I can see why you played the chess game well I mean very well #NELLY FULLER THANK YOU MY STRONG AN FEARLESS GODDESS I PRAY THAT YOUR SPIRT UMPS IN ALL OF THE DESERVED BLACK GODDESSS IM GREEDY I HOPE MAINLY ME…… OH AN THE LIL BOY THAT TALKED ABOUT YOU IN A BAD WAY I KNOW YOU KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAVE THIS DONE TO YOU I BET YOUR SOUL IS LAUGHING AT THAT DAM UNCLE TOM,,,,, HE SHALL DESRUT HIM SELF IF NOT THE SYSTEM WILL LIKE THERE DOING NOW ;;;;;HUGGS AN KISSES MY BELOVED

Egypt Ra says:

It is so good to see so many brothers and sisters liking and commenting on this video and others like it.
I rarely run into these types of folk in person!

Seh Dong Hong Beh says:

Thank you King✊

Egypt Ra says:

Oh My Gawd!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE I'VE FOUND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael braden says:

thats why they changed the pyramids to their image and the inventions that they stole and put their names to it, if whites feel so good about themselves why do they lie about history

michael braden says:

thats the pure truth, thanks my brother

Cornell Scott says:

Amazing book and amazing job of reading this amazing beautiful book.

Carol Sawall says:

I have loved this woman since I first heard her speak !!!

Markesha Bradford says:

Thank You For The Post

Luqas says:

Thank you! much appreciated. b1

School Of Mental Development says:

Racism of any kind towards any color is just a way to keep us saparated. Stand United or Fall Divided.

School Of Mental Development says:

Im not denying whats being said… But if you had a white kkk radicalist he could talk for hours on how white people are more valueable and how anyone not white is unintilligent ect. black radicalism and white radicalism all sounds pretty similar the other is inferior to the other. I agree with what hes saying about whites keeping other races down but as humans we need to stop this race nonsense in 100 years everyones gonna be mixed anyway. well in america

School Of Mental Development says:

Im white i grew up in the projects all my best friends growing up were mixed and brown skinned. Its not white people! Its the ELITES there has to be a lower class and upper class thats society. Working for ten dollars and hour is slavery. The majority of our population white or black yellow ect are slaves to the minority which is the top percent of our society the bankers, politicians, owners and ceo's of corporations and celebrities. Recongize the real emeny…

annabodhi38 says:

Thank you for this. I appreciate the work and your effort.

Thomas Rawls says:

Thanks for the truth

Holy DoSe says:

Did the author explain why the title is called the Isis papers?

Edie says:

Thank you for uploading. We appreciate you.

MelanatedPlantBased_Chick Bee says:

Thank you sir

Jaygo says:

Amazing Book. Excellent narration bro.

Rodney Stevens says:

Mathematics flourished at the pyramids and was lost. Until such time as black people begin to regain knowledge of mathematics and physics they will continue to be dominated. Luckily the challenge has been taken up and accepted by a cadre of like minded individuals. Critical mass is required. It appears to be IMO a slow process and needs speeding up. Suggestions?

cyndeewi says:

I am loving this book being read!!!

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