Reclaiming The Afrikan Genius: A Conversation With Ashra and Merira Kwesi

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Ankhobia interviews husband and wife team Ashra And Merira Kwesi on The On A Level Talkshow.

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CrowdPleeza says:

What happened to the black Egyptians? If the Egyptian population from the pre-dynastic period up to the Hyksos invasion was majority black,then what exactly happened to this black population?

Does their DNA show up in most modern day Egyptians living in Cairo?

Chris Gray says:

This is da real truth fr fr, it's time for all brothers an sisters to be born again

Amy Thibodeaux/Clemons says:

Im Creole from Louisana, we are mixed with African, American Indian, French and Dna from Iberia Etc. Im so blessed to have found the truth witj listening to Ashra Kwesi. Ive been doing Black Hair for 21 years, and I love sharing this History.

Sun god Kemistry says:

We was so great the perpetrator call us 3/5 of a human beings.

J. E. Maffett says:

I love the teaching of Dr. Ben and Dr. Kwesi. amazing, i am perparing for my jouney with them.

prince osei says:

Just to let you guys know that the sphinx is a Female!!!!
Any questions feel free to ask for prove.

nomadic traveler says:

Thank you for the knowledge!

amenra bey says:

Ashra had the best teacher Dr. Ben a very powerful teacher many blessings.


wow! they are still over there in egypt plundering today. we are the only people that was called 3/5 of man that should make yall think???


POWERFUL STUFF i know must blacks don't believe in their ancestors they believe in white ancestors they love the european man and his false teaching. 

Meehh1 says:

Thankh you, thank you, thank you.. Blessings 🙂

Ankhobia says:

Jimmy Cliff: Released in 1975 – My Ancestors

My ancestors were kings of old
They ruled the world and all of its gold
But look at me – oh! look at me
Just look at me

My ancestors would find the sun
Before they bowed down to anyone
But you gonna look at me
Whoah-o-oh! look at me
Just look at me…..

Meehh1 says:

Who sings the closing song.??? Loveeee it

Tim Foster says:

all hail megatron

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