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Dr. Umar Johnson sat down and openly discussed Black Power| Economics, Securing his Schools Financing and the Increase of Death Threats. This is one you want to share with friends.

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Kraze The King of Content says:

Whats your thoughts on this interview a little different from the norm.. Let me know family

Mellz World says:

Its more than likely people who want they're money back who are sending the death threats…

Dog blues says:

Support black boys and girls education

Kirk Thompson says:

If anyone threatens this brother we should seek them find them and execute them gangland style

aliveby5 says:

Dr Umar and Killer Mike Interview? 0__0

Ted Ely says:

I'm unable to share with Facebook

beauttty072 says:

Sometimes you gotta laugh or shake your head at death threats from haters-ignore it, they want you to worry and be paranoid, just do not give them what they want or fall for that threat. You gotta dust the dirt off your shoulders, like Jay-z said. Haters like that are the devil, they have no hope, to full on jealousy and they don't know themselves or love themselves. People are too busy hating, with jealousy and envy , when they can learn from the person they hate on smdh. You gotta keep your head up like Tupac and know GOD is on your side. Like when the car came he should have kept talking but know what to expect. When they see you aint scared they will leave you alone, keep it moving.

Joel Michael says:

So sad that black people need a leader. Always desperately looking To get behind one who does not deal with the reality of our struggle, but instead makes everyone our enemy, when in fact we are our own problem. We're done.

Mr.77check says:

If the truth hurts you been lied to too long…big ups to Dr.Umar Johnson…I truly wished that we never knew Obama a CIA AGENT TO SET BLACK PEOPLE BACK 20YRS…..THE GHOST OF WILLY LYNCH!

Charles Killen says:

I love that brother… what a great work.

Fredrick Bradley says:


b pavilion says:

17:50 That's so awful, no black person should even think about laying hands on you much less trying to murder you Dr. Umar.

34:08 Dr. Umar, I'm not sure if it has to do more with respect or more to do with fear. White man controls almost everything, the law, the cops, the military, the schools etc. "Black man doesn't have any power so why should we fear him?" I think is the mentality.

Loyd D says:

To all those saying he stole funds etc…take away the school for a second… what about all the things he's been saying? Or is it just that easy to dismiss any black person trying to wake our community up? What are you doing to raise consciousness within the black community instead of going through his videos wanting so badly to spread your hate wanting other black people to hate him too? If you don't like him, why do you keep watching his videos and following him?

The Woken one says:

Sad thing is our back people die in vain Malcom x died for us to stay ignorant I guess u gotta stop forcing black change nd start brain washing blacks like white man cause changin them don’t work

Davon Simmonds says:

That's right Dr.Johnson……not scared of those punks that see it fit to go around threatening us, we'll die for the sake of BLACK POWER…..I STAND WITH YOU MY BLACK BROTHER…..I'M NAT TURNER…..BLACK POWER

Mystikmoon Tarot says:

Black people are on the cusp of their uprising the last enemy is always self. Once you conquer yourself noone can stop you.

E Jizzle says:

We need to protect Umar frfr keeping dropping those #BigFactz Umar

Diamonddom81 says:

Successful communities have the same pattern, respecting authority, accountability to the family and self control

ganniston7 says:

Is Queens University in Charlotte a good school?

K2 Sports and E.N.T says:

We all have flaws and failures…YET…can you still move forward for the cause??? Giving this man props for being a VOICE that actually helped me wake up along the way.

Stacia Belcher says:

Where the school at?

Foreign Concept podcast says:

Dr Umar should be an inspiration to us all, on how to improve our community. Unfortunately for him. We live in a society that is more focused on the lie when it is more entertaining then the truth….he inspired me to start doing documentaries on black history/politics, anything to better the community.

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