Dick Gregory – On Michael Jackson and Tupac

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Comedian/Activist/ Author DICK GREGORY shares his special insight on the deaths of musical legends Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur in this installment of Reelblack’s Video Podcast Series. A Reelblack exclusive. Camera: Les Rivera. Interview + Edit: Mike D. Special Thanks: Lillian Gregory, PhillyCAM, Daryl DeBrest/Sullivan Progress Plaza.

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Jerico Hampton says:

Everybody laughing and focus at how he snaps on the guy. But there missing the point. Honestly I'm having a hart time believe this interview when he winked at the camera 7:17. Half of me believe it was Sony that killed Michael Jackson and half believe he's telling the truth.

deVAND gaRy says:

"Michael?? am i SMARTER THAN YOU????? …..sHut uP!!" lol

deVAND gaRy says:

he bought the BEETLES cadillac…catalogue

jatravion rogers says:

he not lying the people that make u a brake u micheal Jackson didn't pose to die until god called him but the people that was controlling micheal jaskson killed him 2 pac pose to be living until god called him it wasn't nobody buissnesss to take they life but the people that killed them gone pay for it one day if they ain't already payed for it

Jasse Golestani says:

he looks like a Bin Laden's bodyguard lol

D Wade says:


Quincy Moore says:

just told ya the truth an ya still aint comprehend it… jesus u can come back now cause we are just brain lost an mind controlled

Mike D says:

I saw the check nigga!

the devil cried says:

that guy is a real rockstar thats why he is homeless

MrSnappyJones says:


ed3432 says:

Nigga looks like Uncle Remus from that old Disney flick "Song of the South" Loool

King Chino says:

I would be scared to ask a fucking question I swear I would

Lakist Thomas says:

just wanted to say I love Mr Gregory may God keep covering you in all that you do

KelseyBoyTv says:

I came back just to hear dick go off

Martin Lee says:

this old coon goat

Ramiro Deleon says:

"He ain't know the address , huh"

Michelle Ross says:

he is hard to talk to- goodness- too muxh yelling and cursing! whats up with that its time to go! he is too difficult! tell it like it is without the foul langiage!- for real!- thats not necessary!

Selections From a Music Historian says:

As I'm getting to the realm of being an elder, I understand why Mr. Gregory got perturbed over the statements made by the interviewer. Just be mindful of what you say to him. He's a living treasure that we all have to honor; who's even tryin' to find out the truth on the level that Dick Gregory does? Otherwise, you have great interviews on your shows. Keep up the good work.

Tama Lavalava says:

Lmao he's the man.

T H says:

I saw the check nigga….LMAO

Samuel L. MackiN says:

This nigga low key be asking for it..i imagine a smirk on his face when he asks these questions lmfao! "Huh!!!"

PrinceJ_ 4eva says:

Micheal Jackson, and Prince are connected in deaths. See if you research you'll see.

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